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Text Order SMS Product Ordering

TextAddress provides Customers with another Option for Placing Orders

Another Way

A Text Order Address provides another way for customers to order

An X-on TextAddress gives your mobile customers another easy way to contact you. More consumers use mobiles than any other devices to enquire about and order goods and services. With billions of SMS messages being sent every year, for many on the move the text message is the most convenient and cheapest way of communicating.

An X-on TextAddress is the simple and economic way to get consumers to contact you via two way interactive text message.

Ordering your products by sending an SMS is even easier than using the phone for most mobile users and means your customers can place an order for the cost of a text.


An X-on TextAddress looks like an ordinary mobile number. You can promote it wherever you promote your phone numbers, web and email contact details.

TextAddress Promotion

Easier still, anyone at a PC - call centre agents, sales and service administrators - can click on a web form to send a special text message to the mobile number of someone on the phone, so they can add the text address to their contacts:

Store a Text Order Address in your customer mobile phone contacts list

Your TextAddress will stay in Sue's contacts list and she can use it next time.

Integration with X-on's PhonePresence, or other telephone systems, can make sure ALL your mobile callers get a TextAddressCard with no action from you at all!

Instant Dialog

When a customer sends a text to you, it can arrive

As an email:

Receive the Text Order as an email


As an instant message on the X-on Text Console:

Receive the Text Order as an instant Message

For busy call centres with many agents, the inbound SMS messages can be routed to the next free agent, or blended with inbound calls via X-on's PhonePresence system.

Offer Customers a Text Order Address

Startlingly Inexpensive

An X-on TextAddress costs a few pounds a month.

It costs you nothing for your customer to contact you via a TextAddress.

Your customer pays their standard text rates - free if within allocate bundle mobile packages, usually cheaper than calling you.

Bundle packages are available for you to send out TextAddressCards and other messages to the customer - from as little as 4p a message.

Built In Marketing

An X-on TextAddress automatically creates a marketing database of your customers, who you can contact with a single action:

TextAddress automatically creates a marketing database

Adding a TextAddress Text Order facility for your customers not only enhances ordering convenience but acknowledges the ever growing importance of SMS communications in daily life. In addition your business is provided with an advertising database within easy reach.

TextAddress Business:

  • Takeaway Food Retailers
  • Sports Club Bookings
  • Cinema Bookings
  • Hotel Accomodation
  • Betting Agencies
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • DVD Hire
  • Tourist Services and Tour Operators
  • Go Kart Hire
  • Beauty and Hair Salons
  • Boat Charter Services
For further information on X-on Text Order please use our Contact Form, or call Sales on 0333 332 0000.