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X-on Voice Network Resilience

Dual Data and System Redundancy

X-on's dual site data locations in London Docklands and Suffolk ensures that our services run 24/7 and with a higher than average industry up-time. Comprehensive backup and duplication of systems allows us to bypass external and 3rd party failures, and to distribute call loads effectively, thereby ensuring services remain online.

X-on voice network resilience - Dual data and system redundancy

Business Continuity and Redundancy

  • Each of X-on's data centres can operate independently and handle normal load traffic in the event of site failures at the two remote sites
  • In normal operation, replication ensures that all service and configuration data is present on each site
  • Inbound numbers are dynamically routed on the BT core network or by using third party provider routing plans
  • Outbound SMS and Voice calls are fail-over routed by X-on to available suppliers
  • A hot-standby office with 8 seats is available within 3 miles of the Framlingham head office to host key office requirements in the event of office closure
  • All key support staff are fully equipped for home working if required