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Cornard Healthcare use a PhonePresence Cloud solution to handle incoming calls, and a flexible IVR service delivering psychological therapies

Cornard Healthcare

Bespoke IVR System

Cornard Healthcare Telephone Psychological Therapy

Cornard Healthcare Limited was formed in 2010 to develop and market its range of Telephone Psychological Therapy (TPT) products. The service operates with qualified partners in psychological therapy, IT and telecoms to provide the best available stepped care therapeutic choices for service users, and the most adaptable cost effective solution for NHS service commissioners.

The Challenge

X-on were tasked with providing a cloud based solution allowing Cornard Healthcare to provide a range of psychological therapies, based on the proven techniques of cognitive behavioural therapy, to patients over the telephone. These are delivered using preĀ­recorded scripts from a bespoke IVR system supported by an external database.

The Solution

X-on supplied CHL with an IVR system tailored to their requirements, which underpins the TPT phone service, enabling CHL to provide their therapy product in the most effective format. The IVR service was programmed anticipating ongoing requirements.

Additionally X-on supplied Cornard Healthcare with a Cloud Contact Centre solution to handle incoming calls.

Cornard Healthcare Says

"Unlike most IVR systems which are primarily part of a customer communication function, the IVR programme developed by X-on from our specification is a crucial part of the product that we offer. We would not exist as a company without the IVR system."

"X-on have been easy to work with at both the commercial and technical level. Once programmed and tested, the IVR system functions seamlessly. The flexibility of the IVR system has meant that we have never had to compromise any requirement because of a limitation of the X-on system."

"The other key feature of the service from X-on was the Provisioning Team whose ingenuity in programming, and ability to anticipate need, has been crucial to the success of the development of the system."

"CHL enjoyed a good experience in dealing with X-on, and we are happy to recommend them to other organisations. There was no single main reason because it was a combination of factors: A proven track record of reliable service; the ability to customise the IVR system to meet our needs; a fair price for the development work."

Alan Conochie
Managing Director
Cornard Healthcare

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