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Vetfone 24 Hour National Pet Helpline

April 2016

Vetsdirect Ltd. are Europe's leading provider of Veterinary advice services, offering a 24 Hour National Pet 'Vetfone' Helpline. Experienced RCVS qualified and registered Veterinary Nurses take calls 24/7 about a variety of pet problems from worried pet owners.

The Vetfone service is provided to pet owners as a membership or Pet Insurance policy benefit, and is used where the owner is seeking advice on how to care for the pet at home, or directions to the nearest emergency vet.

April 2016

The Challenge

Vetfone operate using a home-working model and a bespoke Vetsdirect CRM system. The urgency of calls that are placed to the service by pet owners requires calls to be diverted to the Nurse with the most appropriate skills, with all calls recorded. Round-the-clock availability of the service is essential to ensure animal care.

X-on were tasked with creating a Cloud solution that would harness the power of home workers, whilst also simulating an effective fully working in­house Contact Centre, by offering features such as Screen Pops displaying customer details, and Click-to-call for easy follow-up calls.

The Solution

X-on Contact Centre allows Nurses to work flexibly from home offices, ensuring Vetsdirect can attract and retain the highest quality Vet Nurses ­ regardless of their location. Nurses control their availability via a web interface, ensuring only available Nurses are called, improving efficiency of call throughput. Calls are supported by on-line information resources, databases and Veterinary decision support processes, and are easily transferred to colleagues or other destinations.

Overflow operatives can be on standby, and be quickly drafted into the pool of available Nurses when demand is exceptionally high.

X-on Contact Centre affords the same level of overview despite Managers and Nurses operating from distributed locations. Supervisors and Managers can remotely access real time and historical reports to analyse workforce and efficiency. Vetfone maintains a full business continuity action plan covering voice services for both inbound and outbound calls.

Vetsdirect - Michael Maltby

Vetsdirect Says

"The urgent nature of our work required us to think very seriously about who was providing our lines and telephone services.

"X-on have proved that they can deliver both a financially acceptable solution and also the quality and availability of service to what is in fact an emergency service. On the rare occasion things aren't right, they react professionally.

"They seem to be the right size to both deliver serious products and prices whilst keeping management and key staff available to their customers."

Michael Maltby
Managing Director
Vetsdirect Ltd.

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