Welsh Ambulance deployed a X-on Contact Centre providing wallboard stats and reports

Welsh Ambulance

Contact Centre

Welsh Ambulance Call Centre

The Welsh Ambulance Service provides high quality pre-hospital emergency care and treatment throughout Wales, attending to more than 250,000 emergency calls a year, and transporting over 1.3 million non-emergency patients to over 200 treatment centres throughout England and Wales.

The Challenge

The Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust required a call centre solution for their 12 seat helpdesk, included the recording and retention of calls between staff and those seeking assistance.

The Solution

X-on supplied PhonePresence Contact Centre, which includes highly secure storage of call recordings with access available to authorised users. A phone-in noticeboard was also supplied, which provided callers with updated information during emergencies.

Welsh Ambulance Says

"Throughout my 2 years of using PhonePresence I was very happy with the level of service provided by X-on. On the whole the system worked very well and if we had any queries or problems the team responded instantly to resolve any issues. Problems were not with the system itself, but that we required assistance in using it, such as the time the entire town was flooded and we needed help redirecting the phones as we had no access.

"On a daily basis the system worked flawlessly and we were generally unaware of it. The wallboard displayed all our stats, the calls were recorded, the reports all ran. It was a very reliable system, which is very helpful in itself as it meant our telephony engineers needed no involvement.

"We were able to redirect all the phones to temporary numbers in the event of emergencies, generally without assistance, but X-on were there if we needed them.

"I would recommend X-on to others for a system which takes all the complexity out of running a call centre, provides all the functionality you could need and is backed up by a helpful, friendly team."

Rick Hayden
ICT Service Desk Manager
Welsh Ambulance Services Headquarters
HM Stanley Hospital

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