X-on Cloud Communications Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

X-on Cloud Communications


Copyright is a broad term that encompasses the exclusive rights of the creator or author of an original work to control its use, reproduction and communication, including the right to reproduce or copy, publish, perform, communicate, translate or adapt the material.

Copyright Infringement Policy

X-on takes intellectual property rights seriously and we respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement as soon as possible, rectifying in a timely manner where infringement is proven.


X-on Internal Policy

All staff, and any individuals working on behalf of X-on, must comply with copyright legislation and regulations at all times when engaged in X-on related activities. When utilising material sourced externally such as images, copy or music, X-on staff and representatives must ensure that all licensing conditions have been met, and where those licensing conditions conflict with the interests of X-on the material is not to be used. Staff must seek agreement from management before using licensed copyrighted material.

Moral Rights

X-on staff and representatives must ensure that creators of licensed material are acknowledged where required. Licensed material must be used in a manner that is not derogatory or negatively impacts the creator in any way.

X-on Content

All content/material created by X-on and utilised in areas such as our web site, product interfaces, marketing material, internal and product documentation and any area of X-on business activity, is protected by copyright legislation and any infringements will be notified to the offending party.


If you have concerns that X-on may be infringing your copyright please clearly demonstrating how and where the infringement has allegedly occurred.