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January 2002: Nokia Screensavers

The latest update to our Animated Screensavers catalogue is now available.

Update: X-on no longer supplies mobile content sites.

Around 300 animations are now included and several new categories are featured. If you have subscribed to this X-on service, or you have expressed an interest, it is important that you update your site. The update also includes an upgraded 'bolt-on' site with improved instructions for your Screensaver customers.

The number of orders being processed by X-on for this enhancement to the latest generation Nokia Mobile Phones is increasing rapidly - don't get left behind.

The update is free to subscribers and is downloadable.

Screensavers are available for the increasingly popular Nokia 3330, 5510 and the new 5210. The Screensavers, which we will make available to you on web pages to plug in to your site, are updated regularly.

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