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May 2002: Emailed Reports

Tune your Marketing with Better Feedback on Product Sales

X-on's new emailed reports are designed to give you better feedback on product sales and tune your marketing.

With increased competition daily, it is becoming more important to see what's selling and the effect of marketing your site. We have added a range of automated reports to our systems that you can request to be added to your accounts.

The reports can feature the following:
  Produced for the last hour, day, week or month
Each report contains records for:
All your services
All services within a particular bill group (e.g. all UK services)
All services on a particular number (for affiliate sub-accounts)
All services sharing a particular product group
Audit report with a line for each order, or Order count totalled by:
product code, or
product type, or
sub period (e.g. each hour in the day), or
sub account
'Most popular' option - e.g. top 10 sellers in the period.
Report in comma separated, tab separated or | separated text file, or within body of email (short reports only).
Report to one or multiple email addresses.