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May 2002: Fax Back Service

High Capacity and Totally Automated Fax Back Service


Are your staff tying up valuable time faxing documents to customers?
Would you like to charge customers for faxed information such as technical documents?
Or give them completely free access to price lists and promotional material?

X-on Storacall's high capacity and totally automated fax back service can serve your customers 24 hours a day without tying up phone lines, equipment or staff.

A choice of tariffs and numbers means that the service can either cost you a few pence per faxed sheet, cost you absolutely nothing or actually create a revenue stream for you by passing costs to the caller.

0800 numbers are available in many European countries and cost your caller nothing, though you pay a premium for each fax page sent.

UK National rate numbers mean the caller pays for a standard national telephone call and the cost per sheet is less. Premium rate numbers can finance the cost of the service or at higher rates can return revenue to you for providing the information.

Choice of Documents

Callers can choose documents by following simple menu options on the phone. When they have made their choice of one or more pages, they enter their fax number and our systems immediately send back the fax. X-on's servers can deal with many hundred simultaneous requests.

For larger numbers of documents, a reference numbering scheme can be used and callers can request a document 'menu' as their first request before ordering the page or pages they require.

Even in the days of on-line information and email, many people prefer or need the immediacy and security of fax for some types of information.


  • Sales Literature
  • Price Lists
  • Booking Forms
  • Application Forms
  • Technical Documents
  • Diagrams

Clients include:

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Scottish Tourism
  • Corporate

X-on Storacall is also a major supplier of Premium Rate Services to the Mobile Phone Entertainment Industry with currently hundreds of clients.