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June 2002: German and Austrian Premium Rate Numbers

European Mainland Premium Rate Numbers

Update: X-on no longer supplies mobile content sites.

The first of the European Mainland numbers is now available. We can now provide shared numbers for Germany and Austria. The shared numbers which use a 2 digit offer code have no fees (up to 10 offer codes). Dedicated numbers are also available.

The German & Austrian lines are German Language Services. As such we have provided usage instructions in German which can be downloaded.

An example of the numbers 'in action' can be found at TalkinTones.

The Netherlands and Belgium will follow shortly, with Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Australia and New Zealand just behind.

Rates for Premium Rate Numbers on a per-order basis:
(14 days after the end of the month)
All rates are plus VAT to a UK Vat Registered Company Only

Ringtones, Logos, Picture Messages, Screensavers (Calls last approx 3 minutes)
Number of
Payment per Order
1 - 500 £1.40 £1.80
501 - 1000 £1.55 £2.00
1001+ £1.70 £2.20
Service does not include copyright payments on ringtones, which can be arranged by us if required at 30p per copyright tone, otherwise you must accept liability for any copyright issues.

Set-up Charges:

For Shared Numbers
None for up to 10 offer codes per client. Caller must enter a 2 digit offer code on commencement of call to identify the service as yours.
For Dedicated Premium Rate Number (per country)
Set-up: £60.00 / Monthly charge: £30.00
All charges subject to VAT: VAT may be applied to out-payments for VAT registered companies.