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July 2002: Tech Support Service

High Capacity and Totally Automated Tech Support Service


Are your Tech Support services becoming over subscribed and expensive to run?
Are your Tech Support staff inundated with enquiries that could have been dealt with by FAQ?
Want to find to earn revenue from your Tech Support Service?

X-on Storacall's high capacity and totally automated tech support service can serve your customers 24 hours a day without tying up phone lines, equipment or staff.

Increasingly the cost of maintaining a Tech Support department is on the rise. Often your staff are under pressure to deal with all the incoming enquiries and find themselves often answering the same questions.

Your business can:

Recover costs - you receive a share of the call revenue. This can be used to offset your service costs
Generate profits - callers are billed and part of this revenue can be passed on to your organisation
Flexibility - you can enhance your sales by offering a range of customer service levels, from live operator to recorded message.


  • Live Tech Support
  • OnLine FAQ
  • Fax Back FAQ

Clients include:

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Scottish Tourism
  • Corporate

X-on Storacall is also a major supplier of Premium Rate Services to the Mobile Phone Entertainment Industry with currently hundreds of clients.

X-on Services include:
  • Voice-Data solutions:
  • High capacity reliable systems with full redundancy
  • Live on-line order stats
  • Detailed email audit reports