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October 2003: Credit Card Ordering

Credit Card Ordering on X-on Ringtone Sites

Update: X-on no longer supplies mobile content sites.

X-on are currently developing a facility for your customers to order Mobile Ringtones and Graphics via Credit card.

This feature will be accessible from the SMS Ordering popup window and will eventually allow a much wider range of countries to be supported.

You need do nothing, the necessary instructions etc. will appear on your site(s) as we introduce the service.

The payout rates will be the same as we currently offer for orders via SMS.

Credit Card Ordering of Mobile Content

In recent times Credit Card Ordering of Mobile Content has risen.

Our monitoring suggests some loss of revenue from Premium Rate, but an increase overall.


In order to improve the reliabilty of the Statistics we recently moved them in-house.

Access and reliability will be further improved when we complete the move to our new offices (mid November) where much higher data transfer speeds are available.

Some clients using Internet Explorer have experienced problems once logged into the stats. In all cases this has been found to be as a result of the redirection involved in the stats.

If you have experienced difficulties either reduce your IE Privacy Settings.

X-on Premium Rate Solutions

X-on is an established company that provides premium rate solutions to the mobile entertainment and other industries. We have many hundreds of clients using our services for billing and delivery throughout the world.