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October 2003: Mobile Phone Ringtone Subscription

Weekly Ringtone Subscription Service Trial

Update: X-on no longer supplies mobile content sites.

X-on will be adding a Chartonz banner to Client sites soon.

Initially this will be a universal service across all our sites, with the profits being split on a pro rata basis i.e. the more you sell of the usual content, the larger your share of the Chartonz profit.

Early tests suggest customers are willing to join the service and we now wish to extend the trial.

If it proves successful we will then upgrade Chartonz to include site specific keywords allowing us to remunerate our clients on an individual basis.

Should you wish opt out of this trial please contact us.

Recent Stats Problems

We apologize for recent problems with our client statistics, this has now been rectified and your stats should now be up to date. A 3rd party was involved, but we have now brought the system in-house for improved reliability. Should you wish us to set up email audit reports to enable cross referencing, please let me know.

X-on will shortly be moving office in the UK, where we will have faster connections - this should further improve the reliability of our statistics.

X-on Premium Rate Solutions

X-on is an established company that provides premium rate solutions to the mobile entertainment and other industries. We have many hundreds of clients using our services for billing and delivery throughout the world.