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March 2004: Contact Notification for Schools

Fast Staff and Student Contact - Inform and Alert Quickly

Do you need to contact groups of staff and students quickly with information messages by phone, SMS or both? Would you prefer not to have expensive equipment and phone lines sitting, waiting to come to life when needed? Do you want a reliable contact notification service that doesn't require extensive staff training?

X-on Alert is a hosted Contact Notification Service that allows your organisation to contact and inform numbers of people when time is of the essence. Phonecalls, SMS text messages and emails can be sent simultaneously to all, or groups within, your contact database. Message content can be designed at the point of notification or you can choose from a previously arranged selection.

Individuals can even confirm that they have received the information and you could invite them to dial a number for further updates. For example, you may want to advise:

emergency site closure
disaster recovery instructions
information announcements
class cancellation
deadline reminders
meeting confirmations/cancellations
emergency team callout

Real time status and audit reports, available via a web interface username and password, give you clear visibility on progress.

There is no setup or configuration fee, simply a cost effective monthly service charge plus the cost of calls and SMS text messages when the service is used (at standard rates). Why not let our hi-tech continuous infrastructure help you to meet your notification needs at the fraction of the cost of an in-house solution.

For further information on this, and many other outsourced telephony and mobile services, please contact Sales for pricing or to request a demo.

X-on Outsourced Fixed and Mobile Telephony

Based in the UK and Australia, X-on supply outsourced fixed and mobile telephony services that integrate voice, data and messaging.

X-on cuts the cost of business solutions to service volumes of phone calls and messages without compromise on quality.

Centred in a high-tec Suffolk Office and Data Centre, X-on has provided the most demanding of giants in the UK retails and service sectors with hosted services.

Services include:
  • Inbound and Outbound Call Processing
  • Inbound and Outbound SMS
  • Micro-Billing
  • Information Services
  • Emergency Alerts
  • On-pack Promotions
  • Phone-Credit card processing
  • WAP and Web data hosting
  • Self-service product ordering