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Hosted Fixed and Mobile Telephony - Innovative and Efficiency Driven Communications Solutions

March 2004: IVR Capacity

Increased IVR Capacity - Updated Technology

X-on are pleased to announce the doubling in capacity of our IVR platform to 120 simultaneous calls. This is in line with projected increases in traffic over the next year and should ensure that our clients never receive the engaged tone, with a safe margin for peak traffic.

We have also recently installed 4 new database servers and dual redundant web servers in the Technology Centre. With the current throughput of SMS messages exceeding 1 million a month, this and other improvement in infrastructure show X-on's commitment to providing a high quality volume service to our expanding corporate client base.

X-on Business Solutions

Based in the UK and Australia, X-on supply outsourced fixed and mobile telephony services that integrate voice, data and messaging.

X-on cuts the cost of business solutions to service volumes of phone calls and messages without compromise on quality.

Centred in a high-tec Suffolk Office and Data Centre, X-on has provided the most demanding of giants in the UK retails and service sectors with hosted services.

Services include:
  • Inbound and Outbound Call Processing
  • Inbound and Outbound SMS
  • Micro-Billing
  • Information Services
  • Emergency Alerts
  • On-pack Promotions
  • Phone-Credit card processing
  • WAP and Web data hosting
  • Self-service product ordering