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November 2005: PhonePresence Redundancy and New Features

London installation provides further Resilience and Protection


We have now largely completed our London installation providing further resilience and protection against the vagaries of the Networks and Internet. Unforseen breakdowns will always be a part of telecommunications and the interdependence of telephony providers means that loss of service is often due to circumstances beyond any individual company's control.

We are now in a position to be able to switch services between our installations in Framlingham and London thereby offering a substantially improved continuity of service.

Further developments are planned as we increase capacity along with the forecast traffic generated by our rapidly expanding client base.

Version 2 PhonePresence Web Admin

Our recently expanded development team is progressing rapidly with the next release of the PhonePresence web administration area. Extensive improvements have been made to the functionality, appearance and ease of use of PhonePresence which will be detailed in a subsequent Newsletter.

The new Interface should be launched in time for Xmas and we'll look forward to your comments and suggestions once the switch has been made. Incorporated in the new interface will be a completely new reporting area with real time statistics and billing information. We are investing heavily in product development and infrastructure which will benefit both current and future clients.

VoIP Telephony

X-on has continued to develop VoIP technology as part of the PhonePresence system and we can offer any business significant savings on communications costs. By using your Broadband connection and VoIP you can get cheap calls via the internet. This will also impact on Phone Presence call transfer costs, as calls transferred by Phone Presence to VoIP handsets are free.

PhonePresence with VoIP, branded as VoIPPresence, extends the Virtual Switchboard concept to becoming part of the new generation of communication tools where voice and data are fully converged to provide cost savings and a wealth of features not seen before.

New Features:

Missed Calls

We've added a Missed Calls feature to the PhonePresence service. Should you miss a call you may now choose to be alerted by an Email and/or SMS. This will let you know the CLI of the caller, if this is recorded, and which of your numbers was called (note SMS will be charged to your account at the standard rate).

To activate this feature on your account please contact our support team.

CLI Sensitive Branching

You may now arrange for particular callers (unwelcome family members, perhaps) to be routed differently from others. PhonePresence may be configured to detect the caller's CLI (Calling Line Identity) if available. Each recognized user can have a personalized voicemail greeting and you can control the feature through the PhonePresence web interface.

For more details on this or any other PhonePresence feature, please call PhonePresence (select support option) on 0333 332 0000, or speak to your account manager.

New Service:

Magic Numbers

Personal Numbers give each of your staff a direct number to be contacted on and also to use for outgoing company calls without revealing their home or mobile number. Outbound calls will be made from the CLI of the magic number itself. In addition, outbound calls can be charged on to the company and there is a considerable free allowance each month so they may, in fact be free!

X-on's Magic Number service works in a similar way to PhonePresence, however each number can only be used by a single individual. Unlike PhonePresence, a Magic Number can ring at a number of locations simultaneously. All the functions of call recording, missed call alerts and voicemail available with PhonePresence are also available with Magic Numbers.

Magic Numbers also provide an answer to the issue of ever changing staff contact numbers. Once you have setup a Magic Number for a member of staff, if they change their mobile number or any of their underlying contact numbers there's no problem - you don't have to change their Magic Number, just use the web interface to make the necessary background number changes.

Magic Numbers are useful for the self employed, privacy issues, shared lines and on-call staff. For more information or to sign up online visit the Magic Numbers Web Site, or contact your account manager.

PhonePresence Features:

Call Queuing

Someone calling would ideally be connected immediately to the relevant person or staff member. However in times of peak call traffic or reduced staff levels it becomes necessary to queue your callers. The PhonePresence Call Queuing feature will manage the calls which cannot immediately be answered. You can use the web admin to set up just how your callers are answered and subsequently handled by the Queuing system.

Your callers expect to be dealt with professionally and quickly and an inadequate call queuing system will soon alienate prospects and clients alike. With PhonePresence, your callers can receive reassurance messages, music on hold and the option to return to the menu if they do not wish to queue. A caller may also be informed of their position in the queue and be given the option of leaving a message if they feel it may be a while. You can choose between 5 music on hold titles on the system, or select from a large range available from Mirror Audio.

Detailed call-by-call management information is also available. A statistical breakdown shows peak periods during the day and highlights any problem areas with call handling, delays etc. This essential management tool can be accessed via the web admin or from email reports.

PhonePresence provides the full array of Call Queuing Management options ensuring your callers are dealt with in the best way possible even during your busiest times.

Call Transfer

The ability to transfer calls is a regular feature of phone systems, but unlike most phone systems, with PhonePresence you don't have to remember an extension or phone number to transfer a call to another member of staff. When you press a key to make the transfer, you will get a list of personnel or departments just as the caller did originally - PhonePresence knows which phone they are logged in with. PhonePresence supports 'blind transfers' (when you make the transfer and hang up before waiting for the outcome) and 'supervised transfers' (when you speak to the person you are transferring the caller to first).

You can also direct the caller to a voicemail box where they can leave a message for a member of staff more apt to their enquiry.

A list of valid transfer extensions can be created, which can include people (logged on at their current extension), departments or voicemail boxes.

For further information please visit the PhonePresence Web Site or Call 0333 332 0000.