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December 2005: PhonePresence Web Admin

Version 2 PhonePresence Web Admin now LIVE

The next release of the PhonePresence Web Administration area is now live using a vastly improved interface. A link to the previous version of the Web Admin is provided below the login for customers not ready to make the switch.

The new Interface features a fully customisable front end with advanced back-end security.

Version 2 Web Admin Features:

  • New, interactive, customisable icon-based user interface
  • White-label branding capability (service administrators can customize the colours, logo and icons of the product to suit their business)
  • Recycle Bin, allowing you to recover accidentally deleted items
  • Play back recorded conversations and voicemails over the web
  • Integrated support contact and context-sensitive Help pages
  • Phone Book giving a quick reference to names and numbers within your service
  • Upload recorded phone prompts via the web
  • Configure your entire phone system over the web

Features intended for Future Versions:

  • More responsive facility for updating Timers
  • Enhanced Reporting capabilities
  • Increased white-label features such as product name
  • Increased system admin/accounts features
  • Live monitoring of active statistics
  • Create, maintain and activate Alerts
  • Enhanced Help and 'How to Use' Information

PhonePresence Features:

Upload Prompts

Uploading of pre-recorded Prompts is straightforward via the Web Admin. Click on the Prompts icon, followed by 'Add New Prompt'. Following naming and classification, browse to the location of the recorded file on your local PC and then Save. The Prompt is now available for use. The file should be in the .wav format which is a PC standard and exportable from most recording programs.

For more information please call our Sales Team on 0333 332 0000.