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September 2006: PhonePresence Virtual Switchboard

Virtual Switchboard and Call Centre Solutions

PhonePresence Virtual Switchboard, a phone system that has all the features of the most advanced PBX including voicemail, call recording and ACD, provides business with a professional corporate phone system.

PhonePresence is a hosted service negating the needs for expensive in-house hardware and subsequent maintenance costs. Improve communications with your customers and staff for a minimal monthly expenditure.

PhonePresence is available via signup online for small business through to bespoke corporate and call centre solutions. High capacity means we can accomodate large volumes of inbound and outbound voice traffic.

Comprehensive but simple to use online administration, plus corporate support, ensure the service will meet your business requirements.


Disaster Recovery

PhonePresence Disaster Recovery provides a mirror of your in-house phone system on permanent standby. If line faults, hardware failure, line vandalism or premises evacuation disables your phone system PhonePresence DR can re-connect customers to staff within minutes with phone calls being taken on landlines, mobiles or VoIP phones. Caller menus, voicemail and ACD queues can all be replicated, if necessary with the same messages recorded on your in-house system.

Branch Locator

PhonePresence Branch Locator is a single phone number that directs callers to the most appropriate company branch, office or store location. By providing a uniformly high quality of service via one number rather than multiple branch numbers or a call centre, customer acquisition can be improved, and at the same time contact number promotion costs are reduced. Even with a low cost non-geographic number, the Branch Locator service can be self-liquidating, or even revenue generating.

Customer Survey

PhonePresence Customer Survey can give your callers a quick real-time phone questionnaire at the end of their call to provide you with a summary of customer satisfaction results on-line and in real time. Conditional branching can be included in the script, so a particular caller response can result in supplementary questions or possibly being returned to the call centre.

For more information please contact us or call our sales team on 0333 332 0000.