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December 2006: PhonePresence Admin Developments

New, Improved, Automated Support System

PhonePresence Virtual Switchboard now features an Automated Support System whereby clients are automatically informed on progress of their support queries via email, an email being issued at the various stages of the investigation into their enquiry. This reassures our clients that the support issue is receiving due attention.

The option also exists to use the Support Web Page which logs support issues directly into our database, saving time and speeding up the resolution of an enquiry. For the user, it's actually faster than phoning support as the issue is instantly logged into the support system for the attention of the PhonePresence Support Team.

New Supervisor Features

We've added new monitoring facilities which used in tandem will help supervisors and management decide on changes and a methodology for improved customer interfacing and call handling.

Queue Monitor
Allows supervisors to monitor phone call activity and to assess the handling of incoming phone calls and enquiries. Statistics are available for the number and duration of calls and whether calls were lost or went to voicemail.

Agent Monitor
Supervisors are able to similarly monitor the live activities of individual agents and staff taking calls.

Upgrade your PhonePresence Service

With your business experiencing growth during 2007 you'll be needing to upgrade your communications. The power and flexibility of PhonePresence allows us to address any level of business communications requirements quickly and easily.

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