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January 2007: TeleConference

Hold a Low Cost Phone Conference NOW!

Choose any 6 digit PIN CODE (don't go for something too obvious like 123456), tell everyone involved, call 0844 445 7475, enter your chosen PIN and press 1 - THAT'S IT!

It couldn't be simpler… As many callers as are provided the PIN are able to interact in a conference call and at 5p per minute (inc. VAT) from a standard UK landline it's much cheaper than comparable 0871 services.

X-on's TeleConferenceCall can also provide other services normally not offered such as Conference Recording, Voice Message Noticeboard and Outbound Call Recording and these are available from the menu options.

There is no setup fee or signing up for the service, just call 0844 445 7475.

Compared with the expense involved with a traditional conference, TeleConferenceCall cuts costs by eliminating the venue, conference equipment, plus travel and accommodation.

5 Simple Steps

  • Make up your own 6 digit PIN CODE
  • Inform Conference Attendees of chosen PIN and Conference Time
  • Call 0844 445 7475
  • Enter the PIN when prompted
  • Press 1
  • Start the Conference

TeleConferenceCall for a Successful Conference.