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December 2007: Ofcom 0870 Changes

Ofcom Changes to 0870 Revenue Sharing

As you will be aware, the changes to Ofcom tariff structures in February 2008 are reducing the price to consumers for calls made to 0870 numbers. In common with all telecoms operators, X-on/PhonePresence needs to pass on the costs of call handling that are no longer covered by terminating revenue received on 0870 numbers.

As from 1st February 2008, we will be applying a charge of 4p + VAT per minute (with per second billing) for calls inbound on 0870 numbers. This is in addition to any onward transfer costs to landlines or mobiles that may be already applied on your account.

We have compared this pricing with the market and found it favourable compared with quotations from BT (5p) and Opal Telecom (5p).

At this stage you have the choice of:

Keeping your existing 0870 number and paying the additional call handling costs, or
Replacing your 0870 number with an 0871 number or 0844 number. We can assign you a number immediately so you have the opportunity of migrating your clients before February. 0871 numbers are charged to callers at 10p/minute including VAT and 0844 Numbers 5p/minute.
We will also supply a Free Changed Number Announcement on your 0870 number up to March 31st 2008. If you are receiving calls from overseas, you should check that the 0871 or 0844 number is accessible from the countries that will be calling you. Some countries do not allow access to some number ranges.

Please advise your Account Manager which course of action you wish to take.

If you have any queries on the above, please contact your account manager or the support department on 0333 332 0000. If you have queries on 0870 pricing or telecoms pricing in general, consult Ofcom ( who regulate pricing in the UK.

Switch your Outbound Calls to X-on at a substantially Lower Rate than BT

X-on can now offer 'Carrier Pre-Select' whereby we handle outbound calls from your landline, but at lower rates than those offered by British Telecom.

Switch your Line Rental to X-on and enjoy the convenience of a Single Bill

By also switching your Line Rental to X-on you not only benefit from cost savings, but also a simplification of your Billing and Telecoms support, plus comprehensive call statistics.

X-on will take over handling your billing and consequently provide a single source of support. Any issues with the service or billing will be dealt with by our Support Team and our automated ticketed system insures a timely response to your support requests.

Cost Savings

Dependant on your outbound call volumes savings can be as high as 55% on business calls and 27% on line rentals compared with BT.

Switching to X-on

Changing to X-on for your Outbound Calls and Line Rental couldn't be easier - you only need contact us! There is no downtime to your communications, no line or number changes or additional hardware. Additionally there is no minimum contract.

For more information please call the X-on Sales Team on 0333 332 0000 to discuss your requirements.