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June 2008: Speech Recognition and SMS Services

New Speech Recognition Feature for PhonePresence Users

Add Voice Commands to your Caller Response

We are pleased to advise that your callers can now use voice commands to help move through your phone menu. This makes menu navigation even easier for your callers and enhances your business image with increasingly professional customer call handling.

Callers to PhonePresence Small Business Edition users can use any of the following commands:

 "0-9"  "Accounts"  "Support"  "Marketing"
 "Sales"  "Service"  "Operator"  "Reception"

The Speech Recognition feature can be added to your SBE account for only £10 per month. Please contact Support to implement the feature.

PhonePresence Corporate clients have the option of adding a more flexible and comprehensive form of our Speech Recognition. Please contact your Account Manager for more information and to add this feature to your call handling.

New SMS Services

We have added a raft of new SMS services to our already comprehensive product portfolio. These include Email to SMS, Text-To-Speech services such as SMS to Voice and Email to Voice, plus SMS to CallBack and 'Check and Reserve'.

These services have a variety of applications for improving business communications in two-way dialogue and through Customer and Staff Alerts, plus product queries.

  • Email to SMS
    Using email to send an SMS message means it's easier to compose the message using a standard qwerty keyboard with SMS replies to you being delivered as emails. Conduct SMS conversations from your desktop PC or laptop.
  • SMS to Voice
    Voice SMS uses a highly intelligible speech interface to convert SMS text into voice messages, which are then delivered using Tier 1 network connections as voice calls to any mobile or landline number in the world.
  • Email to Voice
    Email to Voice is ideal for reaching recipients who are either temporarily, or permanently, unreachable via SMS, such as some landline phones and mobile phones on networks without SMS messaging.
  • SMS to CallBack
    The ability to provide consumers with the option to send a SMS to request a live 'Call Me Back' CallBack phone call is useful for improving the likelihood of an impulse purchase, quickly connecting purchaser and agent.
  • Check and Reserve
    Check and Reserve allows customers to check product availability and reserve items for later collection via SMS. This reduces wasted trips to the store only to find that the desired item is out of stock.

For more information please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.