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October 2008: Council Services

Council CBL, Rental and Customer Survey Services

X-on has increased its range of products designed to assist Councils in handling Housing commitments and Rental collections.

Choice Based Lettings

Choice-Based Lettings (CBL) allows applicants for social housing to apply for vacancies which are advertised in their neighbourhood, ensuring more choice and control over where they live. Councils such as Wakefield and District Housing, Norfolk and Kings Lynn are already using X-on CBL to improve efficiency and increase tenant satisfaction.

X-on provides text based and phone based automated services that allow applicants to bid for properties on a self serve basis. In many cases this compliments the Council's existing CBL website service, providing the applicant the flexibility to choose which method most suits them. Phone prompts are available in most languages.

Integration with Housing Association and Council tenant data allows validation of applicant enquiries with the results being returned in a manner best suited to their requirements.

As X-on's CBL services are hosted, Councils are not required to install any hardware on site, nor additional phone lines, eliminating the costs of installation and subsequent maintenance.

Easier Rental Collection

Card By Phone allows Council tenants to make payments, get card authorization and leave all the details required in a single call without the need for operator assistance, reducing council staff involvement in rental collection and improving tenant compliance.

Caller Feedback Survey

Customer Survey is an outsourced X-on service that offers callers a short phone questionnaire at the end of their call, providing Councils with real time evaluation of customer satisfaction via online reports.

If you would like to discuss X-on Council Services, please contact Sales on 0333 332 0000.