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December 2008: Hosted Telephony

Wide Range of Outsourced Telephony Services

X-on has established itself as the premium supplier for the Hosted Telephony market with a wide range of outsourced services. The continued success of our Virtual PBX and Call Centre solutions, SMS services, Business Continuity and Alert Notification, through to an innovative Mobile Phone Audio Guide which is being taken up by an ever growing array of Museums, Galleries and Heritage Sites, have ensured our ever increasing share of the market.

Surgery Connect

Surgery Connect is a comprehensive phone service specifically designed for General Practice.

It comprises a suite of services that run alongside existing communications infrastructure to improve communication paths between patients and staff. The services run on the network and can be managed via the Internet. This means low cost of implementation and ownership, minimal training requirement and high resilience.


MobiTour is an Audio Guide for Heritage Sites, Museums and Galleries by mobile phone. MobiTour's flexibility allows either complete tours, or provides the option to browse the exhibits on an individual basis, or a combination of both.

The service removes the need to purchase equipment and frees staff from issuing, collecting and maintaining the equipment. Additionally, MobiTour can generate revenue for the venue and supply a useful marketing database for future events.

Customer Survey

Customer Survey offers business callers a quick customer feedback questionnaire at the end of their call, enabling supervisors and agents to assess the effectiveness of existing call handling and customer service procedures.

At the end of the phone call the receptionist, or staff member taking the call, asks if the caller is willing to answer a few questions to help improve the level of customer service. The agent can then press a pre-programmed hotkey to connect the caller to a brief customer survey.

Mobile Vouchers - the Retail Incentive for 2009

In an increasingly challenging retail environment, mobile vouchers are set to be the new drive to increase footfall during the coming year. Cost conscious consumers can receive discount vouchers by SMS and MMS. The use of vouchers combined with location based services offers instant gratification through redemption in a local branch. The gathering of consumer CRM data on mobile devices is the ultimate marketing tool.

Mobile Vouchers can create technical challenges, particularly when systems integration at the point of sale is used to manage the redemption process. X-on has a number of novel approaches the problem of system integration which allow it to be circumvented and means that proof of concept trials can be rolled out in short timescales with minimal costs and disruption.

If you would like to discuss X-on Hosted Telephony, please contact Sales on 0333 332 0000.