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Australian Fixed and Mobile Telephony - Resilient Voice, SMS and Data Integration

January 2009: Expansion into the Australian Market

Voice and SMS Services Downunder

With a connection to Australia since it's inception, 2008 saw continued X-on expansion into the Australian Voice and SMS marketplace. Australian Sales Manager Penelope Sinton has spearheaded the campaign with excellent results.

Though in a somewhat better position than Europe, 2009 still promises some difficulties for the Australian economy. Consequently, as is the case with UK, outsourcing makes a great deal of sense to organizations looking for cost savings, and wishing to improve infrastructure and services.

Eliminating cost of ownership and maintenance is an even more attractive proposition in these uncertain times, giving business the competitive edge.

Services Tailored for the Australian Market

If your business operates in the Australian marketplace, or is looking to do so, now is the time to review our services to see how we can help grow your business.

SMS Messaging

SMS Messaging keeps staff and customers in touch. Email to SMS, SMS to Email, SMS to Voice, IM/SMS integration, SMS Vouchers, Text Order and Appointment Reminders all demonstrate the versatility of SMS messaging as a tool for increasing the scope of business communications.

Bulk SMS Solutions

Bulk SMS is an ideal mechanism for informing customers and staff of recent company developments and changes. We can provide Bulk SMS at very competitive pricing, allowing you to send and receive large volumes of text messages, and providing bespoke and cost effective communications.

Bulk SMS can inform staff of company procedure changes and product availability, plus keep customers informed of product development and company news.

Premium Rate Marketing

Premium Rate Services allow business to market products and services while simultaneously generating an income stream. Services can be run via Premium Rate Numbers or via Premium SMS.

Entertainment services as Tarot lines, marketing services such as competitions, and information services such as tech help lines can all be financed using premium rate. The services can either be self liquidating, i.e. the revenue generated from premium rate covers the costs of the service, or be revenue generating.

On Pack Promotions, SMS and Phone Competitions

Via Axontek, we provide interactive phone services for voice, text (SMS) and MMS competitions, with the expertise to make SMS marketing campaigns a success. We have extensive experience of working with clients directly and with agencies on all kinds of phone and text based self-liquidating promotions including instant call or text-2-win on-pack competitions.

Our unrivalled client list and use of premium routes for our phone lines and SMS routes, makes Axontek the market leader in promotional SMS competitions.

Appointment Reminders

Missed appointments can be a significant source of lost revenue for any business. The wastage of staff time readily mounts up and with forgetfulness being the primary reason for missing appointments, iRemind provides a comprehensive and sophisticated solution with SMS, Voice and Email reminders controlled easily from the office PC or administration terminal.

Phone and SMS Micro Billing

Micro Billing and Pay for Product systems give your customer the choice of how to pay for low value products and services. Billing by telephone, SMS and premium rate plus credit card processing and per transaction charging for small value items.

Phone-in Messaging Service

VoiceBank 'Noticeboard' messaging service allows business to leave messages such as Press Releases, Product Updates, Security Information, Staff Notices.

This service has been a huge success in the UK with over 70% of UK Police Forces using Voicebank.

Surgery Connect

Surgery Connect is a comprehensive phone service specifically designed for General Practice.

It comprises a suite of services that run alongside existing communications infrastructure to improve communication paths between patients and staff. The services run on the network and can be managed via the Internet. This means low cost of implementation and ownership, minimal training requirement and high resilience.


MobiTour is an Audio Guide for Heritage Sites, Museums and Galleries by mobile phone. MobiTour's flexibility allows either complete tours, or provides the option to browse the exhibits on an individual basis, or a combination of both.

The service removes the need to purchase equipment and frees staff from issuing, collecting and maintaining the equipment. Additionally, MobiTour can generate revenue for the venue and supply a useful marketing database for future events.

Customer Survey

Customer Survey offers business callers a quick customer feedback questionnaire at the end of their call, enabling supervisors and agents to assess the effectiveness of existing call handling and customer service procedures.

At the end of the phone call the receptionist, or staff member taking the call, asks if the caller is willing to answer a few questions to help improve the level of customer service. The agent can then press a pre-programmed hotkey to connect the caller to a brief customer survey.

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