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X-on Hosted VoIP Telephony - Call Cost Savings with PSTN Backup

June 2009: Hosted VoIP Solutions Cut Business Call Costs

High Quality VoIP Routes with the Safety of PSTN Backup

The rapid improvements in VoIP telephony have resulted in a significant increase in the number of X-on business users switching to VoIP.

X-on Hosted VoIP Virtual PBX provides all the features, and more, offered by any hardware system on the market, coupled with the reduced costs of VoIP telephony.

Eliminating cost of ownership and maintenance, plus reduced call costs, is an even more attractive proposition in these uncertain times, giving your business the competitive edge.

X-on VoIP uses a high quality Tier 1 VoIP route, coupled with PSTN backup should call quality reduce.

It is essential that a business maximize service levels, but at minimal cost, and nowhere is this more important than in communications. X-on VoIP Virtual PBX is the solution.

Broadband Connection and VoIP Handsets

Users can access VoIP via a high speed Internet connection. Although your existing broadband connection might suffice, X-on recommend and can supply a dedicated high quality fast broadband connection in the package, along with the required number of VoIP handsets.

Tier 1 VoIP Carrier

X-on's Tier 1 VoIP carrier route incorporates several high quality carriers including Verizon and Cable & Wireless. Within the confines of current IP technology, X-on can provide calls approaching traditional PSTN quality.

X-on VoIP is currently the highest quality available and this is an important consideration when evaluating providers in the hosted VOIP sector, many of whom use cheaper low quality routes.

X-on VoIP Application

X-on provide VoIP connectivity via a VoIP version of our highly successful PhonePresence Virtual PBX service.

VoIP Benefits

  • Free calls to other users on the X-on network
  • Significantly reduced UK and International call costs
  • Comprehensive PhonePresence PBX features coupled with VoIP savings
  • Tier 1 VoIP carrier route with PSTN backup for reliability

Contact X-on

For more information contact X-on Sales on 0333 332 0000.

PhonePresence Lite for FREE

X-on have launched a FREE version of our highly successful PhonePresence, offering a significant array of PBX features.

PhonePresence is easily expandable as your business grows. Upgrading to the Small Business Edition, and its additional features, can be done online or by contacting Sales.