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03 Virtual PBX - National Non-Geographic Numbers at Local Call Rates

September 2009: 03 Non-Geographic Local Rate Numbers

The Fair Alternative to 08 Numbers for Consumers

UK Telecommunications regulator, Ofcom, issued the 03 non-geographic number local rate number range for businesses, public service organisations, health organizations and charities requiring a national presence, but without callers incurring the additional charges associated with calling an 08 number.

Public Perception

With charges for calling 03 numbers the same as calling standard 01/02 numbers, the 03 local rate number range is intended as a replacement for 08 national rate numbers in organizations where public perception demands a fair approach.

Ofcom has responded to public disquiet about 08 numbers being used by organizations such as Government Services, Utilities and the NHS. Ofcom have prohibited revenue sharing on 03 numbers, so the switch to 03 numbers is seen as a fairer alternative.

Bundled Call Plan Minutes

Ofcom have insisted that 03 numbers be included in the same discount bundled call minutes schemes currently applicable to 01 and 02 geographic numbers. Providers must ensure calls made from mobile and pay phones must be comparable in operation and in cost to calls made from standard landline numbers.

03 Virtual PBX

Integration with X-on's powerful PhonePresence Virtual PBX service provide 03 users with comprehensive call handling and call management features.

Call queuing, call transfer, call recording, voicemail, plus web administration and online reports ensure 03 Virtual PBX is a powerful phone solution for SME's through to organizations with widespread national and international branches.

03 Surgery Connect

03 numbers can also be integrated with Surgery Connect, a complete and efficient communications system for the Health industry with a focus on medical practices.

Surgery Connect can include Virtual PBX, Appointment Reminders, Phone Noticeboard, Messaging and Alert systems.

Existing Phone Numbers

03 numbers are pointed to your existing landline phone numbers. Customers can call the 03 number, or your existing numbers, and call services, such as call queueing and call routing, will continue to function as normal.

03 Number Benefits

  • UK wide national non-geographic phone presence
  • 03 numbers charged at local call rate
  • Comprehensive 03 Virtual PBX integration
  • Number portability independent of business location

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