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Appointment Reminders via SMS, Voice and Email - Reduce Missed Appointments and Improve Efficiency

November 2009: Join the Growing X-on Dealer Network

Increase your Portfolio and Profits

X-on provides Hosted Telephony Solutions to all levels of Business from SME through to Corporate. Multi-site Data Networks ensure reliability and performance.

Join X-on's Dealer Network with referral or own-brand products and increase your portfolio and margins in the rapidly expanding Hosted Solutions marketplace.

Dealer Support

X-on provides comprehensive developmental support and a white label administrative interface branded with your Company Logo and details.

X-on Fixed and Mobile Telephony services provide Dealers with a direct route into the future of company communications. The concept awareness and deployment of hosted 'virtual' telephony services is increasing exponentially.

The continued success of our Virtual PBX and Call Centre solutions, SMS services, Business Continuity and Alert Notification, through to an innovative Mobile Phone Audio Guide which is being taken up by an ever growing array of Museums, Galleries and Heritage Sites, have ensured our ever increasing share of the market. Because the services are hosted, your clients don't need to purchase or maintain on-site hardware, nor commit to the installation and rental of phone lines.

If you have a well established company profile and a creative strategy for expanding your market share please contact X-on on 0333 332 0000 to further discuss your prospects as a Reseller.

Hosted Telephony Service Opportunities


PhonePresence fully featured Virtual PBX and Call Centre Technology is in widespread use throughout the UK and internationally.

Hosted IVR

High capacity hosted IVR systems improving company communications.

One Number

Providing business with a single non-geographic phone number, unifying customer contact and simplifying marketing.

Two Way and Bulk SMS

Contacting large groups of people with the ability to respond.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders via SMS, voice messages to both mobile and landline phones and via email. The recipient can confirm, cancel or reschedule the appointment.


VoiceBank is a phone-in 'Noticeboard' messaging service which allows business to leave messages such as Press Releases, Product Updates, Security Information, Staff Notices.


MobiTour is an Audio Guide for Heritage Sites, Museums and Galleries by mobile phone, providing complete tours, browsing the exhibits individually, or a combination of both.

Messaging and Voicemail

Unified messaging and voicemail with notification.

VoIP and Traditional Networks

Integration of VoIP with PSTN backup into hosted services.