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Unified Communications - Combine VoIP, IM and Messaging

December 2010: Unified Communications

Combine VoIP, IM and Unified Messaging

X-on provides Unified Communications via scalable Cloud Telecoms hosted within multi-site resilient technology. X-on Unified Communications converges and integrates real-time communication services including IP telephony (VoIP), instant messaging (IM), unified messaging (integrated SMS, email and voicemail) accessed through a unified user interface across multiple media and communication devices.

Connect People, Teams and Information

The power and flexibility of unified communications means corporate users can quickly find and contact each other, speeding up the process of ‘doing business’. The user experience can be extended to include conferencing: audio, and video.

Connect staff, partners and customers to each other and the information they need, whether via the desktop or while on the road. Create virtual workgroups and improve team interactions with users connected to the corporate network by a variety of devices while integrated into applications and business processes.

Costs Down, Business Up

Aside from vastly increased communications flexibility, an additional benefit can be found in cost savings. As all processes are hosted no infrastructure expenditure or maintenance costs are involved. Additionally unified communications solutions can considerably reduce travel, telecom and IT costs.

100MB National Ethernet WAN

X-on has completed the final phase of its triangulated 100MB National Ethernet network linking our three redundant data centres in London Docklands and Suffolk. Each data centre has interconnects with multiple operators including BT Wholesale and the Internet.

The result is even greater capacity, speed and reliability. More Information

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