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Reduce Missed Calls

Wishing Our Clients a Prosperous New Year

X-on would like to wish you a wonderful Xmas break and opportunity to revitalise for the challenges of 2013.

Either despite, or because of, the tough economic climate, Cloud Telecoms has consolidated over the last year with more and more companies and organisations benefiting from tangible cost savings and technology gains. X-on is pleased to welcome many substantial new clients in retail, distribution and health and we are continuing to invest heavily in new infrastructure to remain in the forefront of hosted Voice, Mobile and SMS services.

If you are an existing customer, or are just contemplating a new project in 2013, I hope you will find time to have a friendly chat with a member of our Sales Team on 0333 332 0000 so we can look at all the options.

Focus on Missed Calls

Continued improvements in PhonePresence Call Centre enable managers and agents to quickly and easily respond to call traffic peaks that may otherwise result in missed calls, lost sales or failure to achieve SLAs.

PhonePresence Call Centre can be configured with the following:

Manager and Agent Controlled Callbacks

Suitable for call centres with regular clients, particularly in a sales environment, a manager can assign callbacks to agents based on a live update of calls that have been missed. These calls can be blended with inbound calls.

As an alternative, an agent can book a callback for a colleague which will happen automatically, assigning notes to appear in a pop up window when the call is made. This allows immediate or scheduled callbacks - all designed to ensure that customers do not go unattended.

Callback SMS

QueueBuster Messages

Callers who have queued for more than a predefined time can be given the option to receive an automated call back, or given the option to leave a message. This callback can be to a Caller ID number, if available. The request will be queued to agents alongside other inbound calls so the callback happens automatically, and according to the prioritisation you assign to them.

Experience shows that customers use of callbacks grows as they gain experience and they appreciate the feature as an alternative to waiting in long queues.

SMS Callbacks

Finally, in the callback section, a mobile caller who hangs up while waiting in a queue can receive an automatic text, apologising and giving them an option to text to be called back or make a priority call back to the call centre.

Manager's Console

X-on's Manager Console is a flexible dashboard giving real time access to Missed Calls features. It allows managers to give practical reactions to call traffic peaks, changing status of agents or booking callbacks into agent queues. There is immediate access to live reports which are updated to the second, and a new agent timeline which gives a visual indication of how an agent has spent their time during the day, minute by minute.

We would like to hear from you regarding any of your experiences with X-on's solutions, or your requirements for the future - please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.