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Surgery Connect Netwrok Queue - Manage Your Calls in the Cloud

April 2013: Surgery Connect

Network Queue

X-on is an accredited supplier under the NHS National Framework for Patient and Non-patient Communications

Patients hearing a busy tone?

Patients complaining they can't get through?

Bad temper, long calls…

If this sounds familiar, it's not (just) that your phone system isn't coping, there probably aren't enough phone lines either. And if you add enough phone lines and a big enough phone system to cope with 8.30am on Monday, you'll be spending a fortune on stuff you don't need most of the week.

Surgery Connect Network Queue from X-on will manage your calls 'in the cloud' before they are sent to your system. It's easy to add - you don't need to change your number or phone system. And it's much cheaper than a new phone system or more lines (you may even need less).

You can monitor your call queue from any PC and detailed reports show you how you're coping. There's an optional secure call recording add-on, with secure access over the network (including N3). Callers can be reassured in the queue and given expected waiting times.

Manager Console showing real-time stats

X-on has over 20 years experience in supplying call handling solutions to the UK Healthcare sector including NHS Primary Care, emergency and out of hours services.

Call X-on Sales on 0333 332 0000 to find out how you can have happier patients in time for next Monday.