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Email to Voice - Convert Email Text to Voice Calls

July 2013: Enhanced Email To Voice Service

What is Email To Voice?

X-on's Email To Voice Service converts an Email into a Voice Call which is then sent to your specified telephone number. This is done by converting the content of your email using a clear Text To Speech (TTS) Voice Engine and is a highly effective way of communicating emergency alerts, notifications and reminders.

Why is it useful?

Unlike traditional SMS or Email notifications that can be stored as junk or simply go unread, a Voice Call is far more likely to be answered by the recipient. This of course is critically important if your notification requires an immediate action by the recipient.

The Enhanced Service also also offers:

Call Accept Feature

Accept Feature

The call recipient will be advised to press 1 to accept the voice call, allowing us to ensure your call has been received.

Call Retry Service

Retry Service

Up to three retries at one minute intervals. Should the initial call not be accepted, we will retry your recipient, ensuring your voice call is not ignored or missed.

Improved Reporting

Improved Reporting

Providing statistics for successful and failed voice calls, allowing you to analyse their effectiveness and arrange retries where necessary.

If you would like to to discuss X-on's Enhanced Email To Voice further, or would like to receive a no cost trial to test the service for yourself, please contact us on 0333 332 2000.

Alternatively, you can visit our website, where we offer an online Live Chat facility so we can talk you through any questions you may have.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Kind Regards,
X-on Sales Team