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Cloud Telecoms for Flexible Working, Productivity and Resilience - Blended Campaign Dialler

PhonePresence Call Centre

Blended Campaign Dialler

Blended Campaign Dialler

The Blended Campaign Dialler is the ultimate productivity tool. Managers can schedule multiple outbound call campaigns. Calls are presented when inbound calls fall below a preset threshold, so you can make sure you always have enough agents available to take inbound calls. Alternatively, you can dedicate individual agents to outbound calls only, or the Campaign Dialler can solely deal with outbound calls.

Campaigns can be scheduled using drag-and-drop on an intuitive calendar-based interface. So a campaign can be set to run on Thursday morning between 9 and 12, for example, and be scheduled to repeat. Or it can run at some date in the future, so you can plan ahead. Campaigns can overlap, or run back-to-back for comparison purposes.

Before a campaign call is connected, the agent will get a popup on their screen detailing the person they are calling, together with any notes, and they will normally click a button to proceed with the call.

The Campaign Dialler is one of a number of outbound calling tools available within PhonePresence Call Centre.

Callbacks allow managers to assign outbound customer calls to agents after an inbound call is missed, so that every inbound call is guaranteed a response - easily done by dragging the missed call record on to an agent icon.

And callers can request a callback rather than wait in the queue, a technique sometimes known as QueueBusting. This means that PhonePresence smooths out peak periods and still gives callers the service level that you are committed to. Or an agent can allocate a callback to another agent, together with notes that will pop up when the callback happens.

A better solution than the Post It, and one that can be tracked through the management reports.

For 2014

Blended Campaign Dialler

On the road map for 2014, the emphasis remains on the User Interface to manage productivity and improve communication. New tools will be available to ensure the optimal number of staff are available to handle calls and meet Service Level Agreements.

Graphical Displays allow a manager to drill down into agent time utilisation, making PhonePresence Call Centre the basis of a complete Workforce Management system. PhonePresence will still be offered as a complete hosted Cloud Solution, but there will be an integration with Cisco CUCM for customers not ready to take the plunge to a completely hosted solution.

A new version of X-on's Mass Notification Alert product will be released with fixed and mobile interfaces to manage incidents on the move. We have been providing hosted Alert systems for routine and emergency notification for over 10 years, and with feedback from our clients will be improving the product with a renewed interface and third party API. Important in this will be usability from mobile devices to provide a control hub on the move.

X-on's Business Continuity products sit well alongside the Mobile Call Centre, which is a complete hosted Call Centre system operating completely over the 3G or 4G spectrum, allowing deployment within hours to cope with short term emergencies.

In the corporate environment, we will be launching the 'Operator Console' which allows one or more operators to manage calls for the entire organisation, as a traditional operator does, but with the advantage that the organisation can be distributed throughout the globe and the 'operator' can be at any fixed location where there is access to the Internet.

Call Sales on 0333 332 0000 for advice on how PhonePresence Services can improve your Business Communications.