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Automated Alert - Emergency Contact of Clients and Staff

November 2015: Alert-3 New Release

Customer Driven Features

The New Release of Alert-3 provides the Customer Driven Features needed to easily inform large numbers of people quickly!

The new 3.1 release of X-on’s Alert-3 Cloud Notification is now available.

Tiered Organisation

Administrators can be given restricted access to service departments, or geographical territories, while confining data integrity, removing the risk of affecting an unintended group. Master Administrators retain full access.

Custom Fields

Store information against each contact according to your requirements, assisting in the organisation of your data.

Automatic Data Import

Automatically synchronise data with HR databases, updating data according to rules in a predefined template, and eliminating additional manual administration.

Protected Users

Protected Users are never overwritten during data import processes, allowing Administrators to create temporary users, or users outside the main database, and manage them separately.

Ad Hoc Phone Scenarios

When dialling in to invoke an alert, an administrator can record the message to be broadcast allowing offline customised scenario creation. Useful when no Internet is available.

Document Library

Secure cloud accessible repository of any type of document, for downloading by Alert recipients, and referenced in the Alert content for quick access to the information.

Language Packs

Available for Alert-3 allowing broadcast in a choice of common languages.

Public Registration Page

Contacts can self-register, and then manage their registration, enabling Alert-3 to be used in applications for Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH).

Contact X-on today on 0333 332 0000 to find out how Alert-3 can significantly speed up your communications and assist in business continuity.