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Cloud Telecoms for Flexible Working, Productivity and Resilience - PhonePresence Platform 15

December 2015: PhonePresence Platform 15

Premier UK Cloud Phone System Continues to Evolve

The PhonePresence Platform 15 continues to provide our customers with unparalleled flexibility combined with clear and easy-to-use navigation. We've recently upgraded the Scheduled Reporting and Billing Interfaces with additional features:

Scheduled Reporting

Report List

The scheduled reports homepage displays all current standard scheduled reports that have been created by the user. Changes can be made to a report by clicking edit.

Alternatively, the user also has the option to create new scheduled reports should they wish.

Report Definition

By selecting the edit option, the user can amend the content of the existing reports. There are five available report types:

  1. Call details
  2. Service details
  3. User details
  4. Period details
  5. Account totals

With each report type, the user can then select which columns they would like in the new report. Hovering over each choice displays the full name of the option. Items subsequently selected are shown as the green boxes.

Filters can then be added to include/exclude certain calls, such as missed calls, answered calls etc.

Schedule List

The schedule list within an existing report displays when the report is scheduled to be generated. The user has the option to view, edit or delete the existing schedule.

Schedule General Settings

By selecting to edit the schedule of a report, within the general settings the user then has a number of options available to them. The name of the report can be created and amended, as can the description and the display title.

The user can then choose the format in which they wish the report to be delivered, as well as details of the recipient.

Schedule Run Settings

The user also the option to edit the scheduling of a report in terms of when it is generated, and how frequently.

A report can be scheduled for a particular time on a particular day, as can the timescale the report should cover.


Account - Information Settings

The Account Information Settings screen is the first screen displayed to the users after they have successfully logged in.

The Accounts section displays the current billing contact details that are applied to that particular account, and this information can be updated by the customer if necessary.

Calls - Call History

The Calls History screen allows the user to see a breakdown of their recent calls and the associated cost of each call.

A search function exists to allow the user to search for a specific period of time. The relevant call data is available to the user for up to 3 months.

Invoices - Paid Invoices

The user can view their settled invoices within the Invoices tab, which is located within the context menu. This user then has the capability to to download PDF copies of the available invoices.

However, as the billing console is based on data within our new billing platform, any legacy invoices will not be available for PDF downloadable format.

Invoices - Unpaid Invoices

Outstanding unpaid invoices are shown within the Unpaid tab of Invoices section of P15.

The user has the option to pay invoices individually, starting with paying the oldest invoice first. Alternatively, users can pay the outstanding invoices together in one payment.

Payment - Pay An Invoice

When the user selects the 'Pay' button next to an unpaid invoice, they are presented with this screen.

By clicking through this page using the relevant options, they are taken to the payment gateway. The user will then be prompted to enter their card details to complete the payment.

Payment - Payment History

The payment history page displays payments the user has made within the last 3 months.

Services - Service and Bundle Use

The Services option from within the context menu displays an overview of the services that the customer is currently using, and is subsequently billed for.

The user is also able to view the status of their in-bundle call minutes and SMS.

Want to know more? You can contact our UK-based Sales Dept. on 0333 332 0000.