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Project Manager to coordinate our clinical system integration applications through to on-site customer delivery

IT & Telecoms

Contractor Autotask Migration

Based in a high-tec centre in Framlingham Suffolk, X-on is a well established provider of hosted phone, mobile and web based services to clients ranging from medium enterprises to the FTSE 100 quoted and public sector organizations.

Contractor Autotask Migration

Sector: IT & Telecoms.
Job Type: Contract.

X-on requires a contract programmer with experience of data migration and web APIs to deliver technical aspects of the migration of our CRM package from Salesforce to Autotask. Our head offices are in Framlingham, Suffolk.


X-on delivers hosted telephony services predominantly to Healthcare clients. We have approximately 45 staff in roles covering Sales, Service Delivery, Product Development, Product Support and Accounting. We have used Salesforce as a CRM package across the organisation but during 2018 have migrated the Product Development, Product Support and part of Service Delivery to Autotask. Salesforce continues to have an important role in Sales, Lead and Opportunity handling and the production of Customer Contracts however the lack of CRM coherence across the organisation means we must now complete the migration.

Objective - Short Term

We wish to complete the migration of remaining CRM functionality to Autotask prior to the renewal of Salesforce annual contract.

Short Term Tasks

In order to manage the turn off of Salesforce, the initial project will be for three months in order to accomplish:

  • Live migration of remaining customer account and contact data (some is currently on both platforms so some synchronisation will be needed)
  • Batch (or live) migration of lead and opportunity data
  • Assisting sales people with change to process in using Autotask from Salesforce for daily activities
  • Reproducing essential sales reports currently in Salesforce in Autotask
  • Migration of contracts including writing additional middleware to export contract data to populate Google Doc templates for customer signing
  • Constructing processes in Autotask to manage contract transition into Service Delivery
  • Creating tasks in Autotask to manage certain pre-contract activities (Porting Validation and Line Checks)
  • Creation of required User Defined Fields in Autotask with clearly defined purpose and structure
  • Exporting data from contracts to build services through X-on’s Service Builder with assistance from X-on developers
  • Creating reports and dashboards in Autotask (where absent) to overview the processes

The above tasks will be supervised by an X-on staff member with experience in our processes and those involved.

Skills required for Short Term Tasks

  • Data mapping for batched data transfer (using csv documents)
  • Ability to write web services middleware for live data exchange - some existing services exist, preferred language would be PHP
  • Ability to learn quickly principles of Autotask package including process management
  • Ideally experience of Google Drive and Docs API but essential ability to absorb the well documented APIs and write suitable middleware
  • Ability to communicate clearly with stakeholders
  • Must be able to self manage project and communicate at an early stage any obstacles in achieving deadline
  • Must be able to demonstrate some previous experience in a cloud based data migration or middleware project
  • Will need to be able to work from a broad top level requirements specification or through discussion with various stakeholders where full details are not documented
  • Will need to prioritise those tasks essential to meet deadlines over any less pressing ones that materialise through discussions with stakeholders

Project Extension

Upon completion of the above, we will consider extension of the project to include some or all of the following objectives:

  • Extending the contract management process into the Service Delivery department by creation of Autotask projects and associated tasks
  • Coordinating projects with external resources through the use of APIs and Google Calendars
  • Interfacing key project milestones with X-on’s Service Delivery Platform to give customers visibility of progress
  • Managing automated customer (and internal) notifications from Autotask to drive customer delivery process
  • Creation of interfaces to projects through web forms for live data access and delivery from field based engineers
  • Interfacing with purchasing process using purchase orders and inventory management in Autotask and including interfaces to manage serial numbers for this purpose. Extending this into Service Desk for visibility of inventory
  • Refining dashboards to show KPI for each department
  • Managing customer billing and contract terms through Autotask to avoid data re-entry (currently in external package)
  • Importing transactions from X-on systems into billing to replace external package

The project extension will be 6 - 9 months in length depending on scope. Whether to extend the contract will be decided based on success and performance judged during the 3 month initial phase.

CV please to:
X-on Recruitment
Technology Centre
Framlingham IP13 9EZ

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