Call Recording for Compliance and Good Business Practice

Healthcare and the NHS

Patient and non-Patient Communications

For many critical services NHS members are required by the Department of Health to record all telephone conversations between clinicians and their patients. There is also a legal requirement to retain these records for minimum periods that can be up to 30 years for calls involving minors. If an issue arises with a patient's case the recordings can be accessed for reference.

X-on call recording records all inbound and outbound calls to clinicians' phones, including mobile phones. These are then securely stored on our Network for the required period and can be accessed as a tamper proof record of any conversation between clinician and patient.

Access Recordings

The recordings are available immediately if required by download. While the recordings remain on our network they are easily searchable. Only authenticated users have access to the recordings. Users can search recordings by:

  • Time and Date
  • Calling Number (or known user details)
  • Called Number (or known user details)
  • Length of recording

Security and Compliance

Recordings are encrypted so cannot be 'hacked' or tampered with. Our UK data centres have extensive data protection systems in place with all access via secure links. Our triple site network ensures data is accessible at all times. Secure access can be by private network, VPN or HTTPS and hence through the N3 Network.

X-on have also satisfied the security requirements for ISO 27001 Security Standards certification, and ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards certification. X-on are members of CISAS, an independent communications provider dispute resolution service.

Your patients' recordings are safe!


The cloud based solution can be extended to additionally record all landline calls, including VoIP calls, providing a unified solution for call recording with one point of access. The X-on SIM solution can be extended to 'Fixed Mobile Convergence' solutions that creates a private network of mobile users, with each mobile acting as an extension of a phone system that is not geographically constrained.

Please call Sales on 0333 332 0000 to find out your best option for Healthcare Call Recording.

Croydon Health

"X-on responded to our needs at the 11th hour during mobilisation… recommend them to anyone who requires any sort of call recording and retrieval system…"

Colne Valley

"The recording of calls in invaluable, as it helps to verify what a patient has actually said or asked for. We use this function a lot…"

Saffron Health

"We have saved money and gained useful additional features for our telephone system. The call recording feature has proved to be a most useful tool for us.…"

Hicks Group

"We can review and listen in on calls to see what went well and where things could be improved, helping to enhance the patient experience…"