Call Recording for Compliance and Good Business Practice

Mobile Call Recording

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Good Business Practice and Legal Protection

Recording and storage of call recordings for an increasingly mobile workforce is a challenge with traditional call recorders.

X-on is a UK network operator and service provider over 20 years of experience in recording calls for the public and private sector.

Mobile Call Recording is simple with X-on's cost effective solution. X-on host the service within the cloud, so you don’t need to purchase any hardware.

Call Recording Technology

X-on provides two methods of Mobile Call Recording. Either using the X-on SIM card, or by dialling a prefix number which can be stored in your phone. Your circumstances will decide which best for you, either way we make the setup easy.

X-on SIM

Install an X-on SIM into staff mobiles to connect with the X-on mobile network. Benefits such as single bill telecoms.

Prefix Dial

Record calls by dialling a prefix number before the destination number.
Blackberry compatible.

Call Recording Benefits

Call recordings can be used for staff training, dispute resolution, or to share calls with colleagues, and consequently makes sense for most industries.

Increasingly smaller business records calls to protect against false claims. Call recording can also be beneficial with client billing and accounting.

  • Provide your business and staff with legal protection
  • Access to the original conversation assists in early dispute resolution
  • Verification of phone orders and transactions
  • Record and store phone calls and SMS
  • Useful in phone and sales technique training

Secure Storage

Call recordings can be securely stored for industry specific periods. Download is via user-authenticated web interface, or recordings can be forwarded directly to you and deleted from our system.

For further information on Mobile Call Recording please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.

Croydon Health

"X-on responded to our needs at the 11th hour during mobilisation… recommend them to anyone who requires any sort of call recording and retrieval system…"

Colne Valley

"The recording of calls in invaluable, as it helps to verify what a patient has actually said or asked for. We use this function a lot…"

Saffron Health

"We have saved money and gained useful additional features for our telephone system. The call recording feature has proved to be a most useful tool for us.…"

Hicks Group

"We can review and listen in on calls to see what went well and where things could be improved, helping to enhance the patient experience…"