PhonePresence flexible call configurations can be set as your business requires

Example Call Flows

Standard Configuration

Healthcare Contact Centre is a flexible system and can be set up to work exactly as your business requires. Many customers use standard configurations, but our sales consultants and provisioning engineers are on hand to help meet any special challenges that your organisation has.

Below are a couple of typical example of how customers use Contact Centre. We don't constrain the complexity of the system, although the more complex the call flow, the longer it will take to set up and it may cause you headaches if you want to change things later.

We have shown a Day and Night time configuration, but there is nothing to stop you setting up configurations that are different at lunchtime, or at weekends, or holidays, for example.

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PhonePresence Day Time Call Flow
PhonePresence Night Time Call Flow
PhonePresence Day Time Call Flow
PhonePresence Night Time Call Flow


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