Survey Agent Performance and improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer Survey

Survey Agent Performance

There are many tools available to the Healthcare Contact Centre Manager for measuring group and agent performance. You can assess times to answer, call clearance rates, wrap up times and make qualitative assessment as to how individual calls have been handled through recording and monitoring. But how do you quantify what is arguably the most important measure of your call centre - customer satisfaction?

Real Time Caller Satisfaction Feedback

X-on Customer Survey is an outsourced service that can be used to give your callers a quick real-time phone questionnaire at the end of their call and provide you with a summary of customer satisfaction results on line and in real time.

Quick and Painless

At the end of the call, either when prompted or for every call, the agent may ask the caller if they would mind participating in a brief survey. If the caller agrees, the agent presses a pre-programmed hotkey to transfer the caller to the Customer Survey service.

The caller will typically receive no more than half a dozen multiple choice questions about the handling of the call before being invited to record comments if they so wish. The caller responds to a professionally designed and recorded script that takes a minute or two of their time and gives them the confidence that their opinion is valued.

If needed for more advanced applications, conditional branching can be included in the script, so if the caller gives a particular response, they can be asked supplementary questions or even returned to the call centre.

Sample Call Flow

We thank you for taking part in this short survey which should only take a minute or two.
Please answer each question using your keypad.
Was your call answered quickly?
If very quickly, press 1
If reasonably quickly, press 2 or
If you had to wait too long, press 3
Was your call answered in a polite and cheerful manner?
If you were happy that it was, press 1
If you had no opinion, press 2 or
If you were unhappy, press 3
Did the person who answered your call understand your query?
If you think they did, press 1
If you are not sure, press 2 or
If you think they didn't, press 3
Did they manage to resolve your query?
If you think they did, press 1
If you are not sure, press 2 or
If you think they didn't, press 3
Overall, how satisfied are you with the way this call was handled?
If you are very satisfied, press 1
If you are fairly satisfied, press 2
If have no opinion, press 3
If you are fairly dissatisfied, press 4 or
If you are very dissatisfied, press 5
Thank you. Now please feel free to record any additional
comments after the tone. If you wish us to respond,
please include your name and phone number.
When you have finished, press any key to stop recording.
Customer records comments and may be given the option to review or change their recording.

Quality Information

Individual responses are collated in real time to produce a statistical analysis which can be further broken down by campaign or agent group.

Recordings of customer comments can be emailed to supervisors for further assessment or made available immediately on the web allowing agents to monitor their own performance with continuous feedback.

By including more data when the call is forwarded to the system, either through Caller ID, dialed number or additional codes embedded in the dial string, responses can be assigned to agents and the results used to judge and compare agent performance.


Because the service is hosted and maintained off site, there is no hardware to purchase, nor the overheads of connections and system setup and maintenance.

The service can be tailored quickly to your requirements and changed as needed to start new products or campaigns.

Once the system is set up, a cost structure tailored towards usage makes it easy to manage and variable costs can be applied to existing telephone bills or identified separately.

A feature within the system allows the limitation of usage within a time period, such as so many responses per month.

X-on Customer Survey Features

  • Unlimited Multiple Choice Questions
  • Branching Option based on Previous Answer
  • Speech Recognition Capture of Results (Optional Extra)
  • Customer Recorded Messages
  • Email Delivery of Voice and Data Responses
  • Web Access to Voice and Data Responses
  • Audit Reports
  • Real Time Statistical and Graphical Analysis
  • Per Agent Breakdown (Assumes data available)
  • Return to Call Centre Option
  • Professional Scripting Service
  • Professional Recording Service
  • Capacity for Hundreds of Simultaneous Responses
  • Caller Reference Number Option
  • Maximum Responses per Period


  • Real Time Customer Feedback for Better Management
  • Independent Measure of Customer Satisfaction
  • Controlled Costs with Pay per Use
  • No Need for Hardware on Site
  • No Specific Training Required
  • Simple and Quick Implementation
  • Customers Feel their Opinion is Valued

If you need more information or clarification then please contact us or call our sales team on 0333 332 0000.


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