Predictive Dialler and Call Blending maximise contact centre agent efficiency

Predictive Dialler

Maximise Agent Efficiency

A Predictive Dialler employs complex mathematical algorithms to determine the rate of call connection to agents based on real time projections of calls being answered and when agents will be free to handle the calls.

Predictive dialling dynamically calculates how best to keep all operators talking, dramatically improving operator efficiency, completing a greater number of calls in a shorter period, thereby reducing costs and enabling your business to take on more clients.

A Predictive Dialler shouldn't be confused with a 'Preview Dialler' or an 'Automatic Phone Dialer' which provide the facility for a salesperson to keep their phone calls, leads, appointments in order, even automatically dialling a phone number when instructed. They will not predict when to connect to an agent, keeping an agent busy, as is the case with a Predictive Dialler.

Call Blending and Outbound Calls

Call Blending is an extension of predictive dialling which allows Agents to move seemlessly between inbound and outbound calls thereby eliminating idle time for inbound agents, and increasing outbound traffic when inbound call volume is low. Call Blending maximises the time that each agent can comfortably devote to handing calls, blending both inbound and outbound calls.

Call Blending reduces the need to have separate agents for handling inbound call traffic, and for outbound marketing campaigns, for example. Each agent, once trained, can be utilised to efficiently handle inbound and outbound activity.

Predictive Dialling Parameters

Predictive dialling takes into account many different parameters including the average phone call length, average number of rings before a phone call is answered, percentage of dialled calls answered, average length of talk time on each phone call, number of agents using the system and the desired rate of call abandonment.

Predictive dialling can dramatically increase the time an agent spends on communication or sales by a factor of 2 to 3. Predictive Dialler systems are ideal for telemarketing organisations, market survey companies, distributed call centres e.g. home workers and debt collection services who need to contact and personally speak to large numbers of people by phone.

Usual greetings such as 'hello' are detected and the call switched to a suitable free agent, possibly playing a pre-recorded introduction to the caller to cover the switch time.

Preview Dialler

The X-on Preview Dialler automatically provides the call centre agent with contact information before the phone system dials the number. The agent is able to preview the information, reading through any notes and call history, and retain control over the process by deciding if and when the call should be made.

If the agent chooses to pass on a contact the Preview Dialler presents another.

X-on Contact Centre

In tandem with features such as Call Blending, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Call Recording, you can provide your agents and customers with a comprehensive and efficient Call Centre technology for a fraction of the cost of previous hardware solutions, but with none of the expense or difficulties of in-house Switchboards.

Call Features and Reporting

Call Progress

Call progress analysis eliminates delaying call outcomes, for example:

  • Busy signal
  • No answer
  • Invalid number
  • Answering machine (message leaving option)
  • Fax machine or modem
  • Operator intercept

Conference Calls

Agents have the facility to conference a third party and then drop from the conference and continue taking calls while the other two parties remain connected.

Skills-Based Routing

Call Blending can determine which calls an agent handles depending on their skills, such as foreign languages.

Transferring Capabilities

Agents can transfer a call internally or externally transferring call information simultaneously when internal.

Real Time Reporting

Real Time Reporting enables you to evaluate inbound and outbound performance. Ample reporting options allow analysis of all aspects of the service. Automatic reports can also be emailed on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

For further information on the X-on Call Blending please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.


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