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  • Aviation
  • Business
  • Charity
  • Construction
  • Defence and Security
  • Emergency Services
  • European Agencies
  • Financial Services
  • Fire Services
  • Health Sector
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  • Healthcare
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There are times when organisation need to communicate vital information to large numbers of people, immediately. To do this effectively critical alerts have to be accessible across multiple devices and it needs to be clear whether everyone has received the information.

X-on Alert-3 offers:

  • The ability to reach a few or thousands of people within minutes
  • Global or country specific alerts
  • Multiple 2-way Channels - SMS, voice and email alerts
  • Live Progress Monitor of contacts, acknowledgements and responses
  • Conference Option
  • Links to secure Business Continuity document library
  • Voice Noticeboard for updates
  • Security and resilience through X-on’s own UK hosted data centres

Alert-3 evolved from a mass notification system developed over 25 years ago for ICI’s chemical works on the north east coast. Since then, X-on has supplied hundreds of organisations with hosted Alert systems, from nuclear facilities to banks and hospitals. Alert-3 has become the UK gold standard for hosted notification services.

This experience has taught us what is important - availability and ease of use, overlaying a sophisticated set of features to meet the most demanding requirements. A combination of voice calls, SMS and emails can be sent to tens or thousands of contacts within seconds. This maximises critical message delivery. Real time feedback from contacts provide a measure of success and vital data for subsequent actions.

UK Data Centres - Global Reach

X-on is a UK company. Our data centres conform to rigorous data protection requirements and our 24/7 support desk is UK based, yet our connections and partnerships give Alert-3 full international reach. For example, a voice call or SMS received in France can be delivered from a French number with a local callback number. Global organisations use Alert-3 to contact staff in the event of local or international incidents.

Easy Management from Any Device

When an emergency happens, coordinators may not be in the most convenient location. Alert-3 uses the latest browser technology ensuring incidents can be managed from any device - mobile, tablet or desktop - by authorised individuals. This includes invoking an Alert scenario and monitoring responses, both in real time and on the move. Alert-3 is a truly mobile solution.

Beyond the Notification

An incident can result in many follow on processes. Alert-3 is built with features to help you manage these. A voice noticeboard allows updates to be posted securely within the organisation or to the public, a built in conference facility can automatically join key personnel into a conversation, while a secure document library holds the key information relevant to the process. Even peer to peer calls can be recorded with X-on Mobile Record. And once the incident is complete, there is an audit path so you can demonstrate process compliance and adherence to best practice.

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"X-on's Alert product is without doubt the only choice for organisations that are keen to develop and maintain their Incident Management and Business Continuity capabilities…"

Avon Fire and Rescue

"The service allows us to quickly and efficiently relay the details of incidents and other topics to the media without having to phone them individually…"