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Debt Collection Calls

Interactive Voice Messaging

The difficulties involved in debt collection, particularly with high volume low level debts, can result in poor ROI and a subsequent write-off.

Interactive Voice Messaging

X-on's sophisticated and consumer friendly approach to IVM (Interactive Voice Messaging / Intelligent Voice Messaging) services can make the difference between debt write-off and worthwhile debt collection. Efficient outbound voice call handling improves the process of debt collection, reducing costs and maximizing the return. Our clients generally experience a 20% improvement in collection rates when using our outbound call service.

The use of natural voice synthesis ensures the debtor perceives the call as friendly and is consequently more likely to respond. Our state-of-the-art speech recognition and synthesis systems interact with the call recipients in a natural manner, making the conversations as human-like as possible.

The result is often an increased likelihood that the debtor will act and that the call is perceived as being within the rights of the collection agency.

The Call Process

X-on Debt Collection IVM can incorporate a fully automated payment resolution system, or be integrated with a call centre, connecting debtors with agents efficiently as the need arises. Screen popping ensures the agent is immediately aware of the debtor's details.

Possible Call Types

  • An automated completely unattended voice call or SMS such as "Hi Mr. Roberts. We are contacting you regarding an overdue account of £243.44 to ABC Enterprises. Please call 0800 123123 to pay by credit card at your earliest convenience."
  • An automated call such as "Hi Mr. Roberts. We are contacting you regarding an overdue account of £243.44 to ABC Enterprises. Press 1 to make an automated payment now."
  • An automated call such as "Hi Mr. Roberts. We are contacting you regarding an overdue account of £243.44 to ABC Enterprises. Press 1 to be connected to a representative who will arrange payment." A second call is then made to a call centre, connecting Mr. Roberts and an agent.

Messages can be constructed to allow for any number of likely actions and responses on the part of the call recipients, with the messages including likely outcomes of failure to act.

Possible Follow-up Messages

  • "If the outstanding account of £243.44 is not settled within 5 days, further action will be taken, including additional fees being added to your account balance. Thankyou.".

Easy Upload

Integration of the contact database can be as simple as uploading of a CSV file.

X-on Text-to-Speech also allows messages to be input via text formats such as a spreadsheet.

Contact Large Numbers of Debtors

X-on's high capacity systems can contact large numbers of debtors in a short period, with levels of outbound transmission tailored to the capabilities of agents and call centres to handle the inbound traffic. Simultaneous delivery of thousands of individualised calls is possible but with volumes controlled to maximise call centre efficiency.

The costs of contacting large numbers of debtors using traditional methods can be prohibitive. X-on IVM can reduce the costs to the point where it's economically viable to chase smaller debts.

Payment Reminders

Where a debt repayment plan has been established with the debtor, reminder calls can be a significant asset in ensuring the debtor is aware of an impending payment date, increasing the likelihood that the necessary funds will be set aside. These payment reminders can be gentle and spaced to cause least annoyance.

Automated vs Live Calls

Automated calls are generally preferred over live calls as the recipient has the option to respond to the call or not, resolve the issue via a fully automated payment resolution system, or speak with a live agent.

Speaking with a live agent can apply pressure or create discomfort for some people, an effect not likely with an automated outbound call. Having that option is often seen as fairer.

Additionally, where live agents are used, efficiency is improved as most inbound calls will be from motivated debtors willing to find a solution to resolving their debt.

Intelligent Calling

X-on IVM knows the outcome of a previous call attempt and can tailor subsequent call attempts accordingly. The subsequent message can acknowledge that a previous call attempt was made and even if a message was left. This follows the pattern of a live agent, reducing the likelihood that the debtor feels harassed.

Where integrated with live agents, predictive dialling is incorporated to ensure calls are made on a basis that there is an available agent to take the call should the debtor choose to liaise with an agent rather than use the automated payment system.

Reporting and Call Recording

Comprehensive online reports are available via a web interface providing administrators with useful statistics enabling analysis of message success, best times of day for transmission, agent efficiency etc.

Where desired, calls can be recorded for archiving and for use in possible legal proceedings.

SMS and Email Alerts

X-on IVM services can be enhanced with email and SMS, providing additional routes for contacting and liaising with debtors.

Complete Service

X-on's expertise and experience in providing IVM solutions is invaluable in providing advice with campaign planning. We oversee the entire process and as the service is fully hosted, you have no investment in software or hardware. We can also train your staff enabling them to use the service efficiently, maximizing the benefits and cost savings.

X-on IVM Benefits

  • Messages can be personalized for each debtor
  • Calls can be authenticated confirming correct contact
  • Incorporate a fully automated payment resolution system
  • Eliminate the need for outbound live calls
  • Improve call centre and agent efficiency by reducing inbound call levels
  • Improve agent efficiency by matching outbound call rate to agent availability
  • Easy database upload via CSV file or similar
  • Comprehensive reporting facilities for service efficiency profiling
  • Call recording for archival purposes

For further information on X-on Debt Collection Calls please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.


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