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Alert-3 Features

feature Feature Description and Benefits
Users and Teams Large Contact Base Alert-3 is flexible enough to notify from a handful up to tens of thousands of contacts.
Unlimited Teams Contacts can be organized into flexible teams. Unlimited teams can be defined and a contact can belong to one or many teams.Alert Teams
Team Contact Escalation You can define a primary and secondary contact within a team. In this arrangement, the Primary is contacted first, followed by the Secondary. If neither one responds, the rest of the team is contacted. This feature is designed to prioritise managers and deputy managers when alerting a team.Primary & Secondary Contact
Protected Users Protected Users are never overwritten during data import processes, whether automatic or manual. This allows Administrators to create users who are temporary, or not represented on the main database, and manage them separately.
Custom Fields Store information against each contact according to the requirements of your organisation. Custom Fields assist in the organisation of your data, but have no impact on the delivery of notifications.
Tiered Organisation Administrators and Data Editors can be given restricted access to features of contacts. You can service a number of departments, or geographical territories, while maintaining data security within each territory, removing the risk of a scenario being activated that affects contacts in an unintended feature. Master Administrators can have access to all features and contacts and can invoke scenarios across the organisation.
Create Predefined Scenarios Flexible Templates A scenario defines a template which includes who is to be contacted, how they are to be contacted, the core of the message and the escalation paths. By predefining scenarios, valuable time is saved when an incident occurs.Start Notification
Unlimited Scenarios There is no limit to the number of scenarios that you can predefine.Scenario List
Choose from teams or contacts Scenarios can contain a number of teams or individual contacts with no restrictions.Choosing Contacts
Invoking a Notification Invoke from PC Browser Invoke a predefined scenario in seconds from any Internet connected PC using secure Administrator credentials. Intuitive interfaces are designed for maximum simplicity, essential when time is of the essence.Admin Overview
Invoke from Mobile Invoke a scenario from mobile optimised web app. An administrator has control outside the building or on the move.Mobile Alert
Dial-in Invocation Where there is no fixed or mobile Internet access available, a predefined notification can be invoked by dialling into an automated phone service and entering the required security details.
Ad Hoc Phone Scenarios When an administrator is dialling in to invoke an alert, the option to record the message to be broadcast may be given to allow offline customised scenario creation. Useful when no Internet is available.
Text to Speech or Real Audio When time is of the essence, the administrator can type the text of a voice alert into the console and Alert-3 will create the audio using advanced Text-to-Speech technology. Alternatively, voice messages can be recorded and uploaded to the system in advance or during the incident.Audio Options
Exclude Contacts You can edit the contact list in a scenario before it is invoked.Exclude Contacts
Modify Scenario on the Fly All details of a scenario can be modified before it is invoked, including the message to send.
Scheduled Notification A scheduled notification may be set up to run automatically at a given time or date. This is useful for testing, or routine information, or reminders to large features.Schedule Notification
Contact Paths Voice Call (Voicemail detection) Voice calls are the most immediate notification. Voice calls can be made to land lines or mobiles. By requesting that a key is pressed before the message is played, it can be ensured that a call that goes to voicemail or an answering machine is not considered a false delivery. All audio that the contact hears can be re-recorded by an administrator to suit requirements.Authentication Prompt
SMS SMS messages are always notified, but are asynchronous so a recipient can read content at a convenient moment. Alert-3 supports long (concatenated) SMS so you are not limited to 160 characters to get your message across.Long SMS
Email Although emails do not have the urgency of SMS and Voice Calls, an email can have an attachment that gives more detailed information on an incident or processes to follow. The Email text will typically be the same as the SMS text.
Multiple Addresses Each contact can have more than one contact address record for the above methods, for example, a home and work mobile number can be stored.Multiple Addresses
Retry Strategy A scenario can define whether a failed contact attempt is retried.Alert Retry
International Reach Voice calls and SMS can be sent to a large proportion of international destinations. For two-way responses, calls and SMS can originate from countries where the contact was made.
Pagers A voice call can instigate a pager alert for users in secure locations that do not permit mobiles. Other integrations with existing alert systems are possible.
Documents An email alert can have one or more attachment files associated with it. This can give more detailed information or process documents associated with a major incident.Attachments
Document Library Secure cloud accessible web space that can contain any type of document for downloading by Alert recipients. Documents can be referenced in the scenario content (voice, SMS or email message) to minimise delays locating information.
Response Paths Two-way Voice When a voice notification is received, a separate prompt can request the recipient to press a key to acknowledge receipt. The key pressed is recorded and the notification will receive real time information on who has responded.Acknowledgement
Two-way SMS SMS messages are sent from a unique sending number. A recipient can respond to an SMS and their responses are recorded and returned to the notification administrator.
Two-way Email Emails may contain links to allow the recipient to accept the message or give a different response. Again, the recipients responses are recorded and relayed.
Call back numbers The origination phone numbers for Voice and SMS notifications can be preset to allow the recipient to call back, typically to receive further information from a Voice Noticeboard service or to dial into a conference.
Voice Noticeboard A Voice Noticeboard service is a message noticeboard that can be accessed through a dial-in number that is provided with Alert-3. When a scenario is invoked, the outbound message can optionally be automatically be posted on the inbound noticeboard.Voice Noticeboard
Auto Conferencing A scenario can be defined that invites voice contacts to a conference where further discussions can take place regarding the next steps. Alternatively, an inbound conferencing number can be defined for each scenario, protected with a PIN number that is provided as part of the outbound notification.
Monitor Progress Monitor from PC While a notification is active, a live monitor will be displayed on the administrator’s console. This includes the number of contacts successfully made and those that have failed or are pending. When a contact responds, through the methods described above, those responses are immediately displayed on the monitor.Monitor
Monitor from mobile The monitor is always available and the administrator can switch to monitoring progress from a mobile device.
Reports Once a notification is complete, a detailed report can be accessed which shows the result for each individual, including when and how they were contacted.
Pause or Cancel A scenario can be paused and resumed later, or cancelled from the monitor screen, by the administrator.Pause or Cancel
Email when finished One or more administrators can receive an automated email once the notification process is finished together with the results.
Updates Voice Noticeboard Publish Updates to a scenario can be published on the Voice Noticeboard service alongside the outbound message. This means that the supervisors will not be flooded with requests for update, since they can publish the ongoing updates once for multiple interested parties. Voice Noticeboard is typically used to keep the press informed of incidents. A Voice Noticeboard can service may hundreds or thousands of inbound calls.
Roll Call Outbound and Inbound Response Roll Call is a specific use of the Voice Noticeboard service that records when each individual has made themselves available, or wishes to inform the supervisor of their status - that they are safe, for example. The system will record each individual's response and the administrator can ensure that the correct action has been followed as part of the process.
Resilience Triple site deployment Alert-3 is deployed in two geographically separate data centres. Each data centre contains a replicated copy of a customer's configuration and can serve notifications for all Alert-3 clients independently. This means that Alert-3 is resilient from data centre failure, or major incidents within X-on's infrastructure.
Multiple Carriers Each data centre is equipped with multiple carrier for Voice Calls, SMS Interconnects and Internet Service Providers. No single carrier failure can cause an interruption to notification capacity.
Self Test The Alert-3 is regularly tested by automated and manual processes. However every client is advised to conduct their own regular self-test processes to check data consistency and that processes are understood and valid.
Data Security UK Data Centres Alert-3 is fully hosted in data centres within the United Kingdom.
Compliance Compliant with the International Standard ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 'A Code of Practice for Information Security Management'. Registered (Registration No Z1104255) and compliant with the UK Data Protection Act 1988. Conforms to the Information Security Forum Standard of Good Practice.
Encryption Data in transit is secured via 128 bit SSL. Customer identifiable data at rest is held in encrypted databases.
Browser Session Control Browser sessions accessed by individual secure passwords, SSL protected with auto logout and termination.
Global PIN Change In the event of a security leak, all user PINs can be changed with a global update.
Restrict notification content with PIN Before being allowed to hear the content of a voice notification, the recipient can be requested to enter their PIN. This prevents sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.
Data Management Import Data can be imported from CSV or Excel files, formatted according to defined templates. Regular import processes can be defined through Secure FTP upload so the Alert can be kept synchronised with customer databases, such as HR.Import Data
Management All data and teams can be managed through the secure web administration tool.
Protected Data Certain data can be protected so that it is not overwritten during automated updates.
Automatic Data Import Automatically synchronise data with HR databases. Schedule exports of your users in a file. You can update data according to rules in a predefined template, eliminating additional manual administration in maintaining your Alert contact database. Contacts and team membership can be defined in the export and import process.
Data Manager Role A distinct user role allows Data Managers to have restricted access to data without being able to invoke a notification, or access user passwords for example. Role Definitions
Administrative Hierarchy Administrators can have restricted access, for a country or a department for example, without being able to see data owned by other administrators.
Languages Alert Language Packs Language pack options are available for Alert-3 allowing broadcast in a choice of common languages (available languages).
Registration Public Registration Page The Public Registration Page allows contacts to self-register so that Alert-3 can be used in applications for Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH). Contacts can then log on to delete or amend their registrations.


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