The X-on micro-payment platform allows your company to accept payments from mobile and landline phones

Payment Solutions

Mobile & Fixed Line Phones


Our platform allows your company to start accepting payments from your customers' mobile and landline phones. Charges are applied to the user's phone bill in a few secure and simple steps, maintaining their privacy at all times.

Mobile payments can be made for physical or virtual goods including website access, in-app purchases and that cup of coffee you're drinking.

Why Should You Accept Mobile Payments?

We are in the mobile age and consumers seek the easiest ways to pay. Mobile payments are the future; convenient for the consumer and proven to increase customer acquisition and retention.

Easy, Fast, Fluid

Accepting mobile payments helps you to capitalise on impulse transactions.

It's easier and more convenient for users to charge purchases direct to their phone bill.

With our product range your mobile users can pay on their phone with a single click. No hassle with account set up or the input of credit card information.

Boost Revenues

X-on Payments give you the potential to monetise 55 million mobile users in the UK, and access customers without credit cards and bank accounts.

Its frictionless billing is proven to improve customer conversion and retention rates, adding to the bottom line.

And there are no chargebacks!

Privacy & Safety

It takes a level of trust to enter credit card details into a website.

Charging direct to your customer's phone bill is highly secure and allows payments to be made worry-free because a charge cannot be made without physical access to the phone itself.

An SMS receipt is provided for every payment made.

What do we offer?

Each X-on payment product enables you to accept phone payments. We can advise which option or combination is best suited to your needs. All our payment options will run happily alongside any existing payment methods you offer.

Charge to Mobile

Also known as direct carrier billing, Charge to Mobile is the process of placing a small charge on a user's phone bill. Start accepting mobile payments through your website or app.

Price points are flexible, allowing any price between £0.10 and £30.00.

SMS Payments

SMS payments are made by sending premium rate SMS to your customer's handset.

Users text a unique keyword to one of our shortcodes and they are charged when they receive a text message which contains a unique code which can be validated as proof of purchase.

IVR Phone Payments

Customers can call a Premium Rate number, from a mobile or fixed line phone, for a fixed duration dependent on price point.

At the end of the call, customers are provided with a unique code as proof of purchase.

Start Accepting Payments Today

We offer simple low fees to get you set up with our standard product range. We assist you with clear documentation and live call agent support to get you going immediately. Start capitalising on impulse payments quickly and without hassle, and your business should notice immediate improvements in customer conversion rates.

Why not contact our team on 0333 332 0000 to find out more.