Telecoms for medical practices

Communication is key when working within a medical practice, it is important that people are able to speak directly with patients, doctors and other staff members.

Live wall boards with essential statistics

For many surgeries, the telephone is the primary source of technology used to communicate.

How call recording can benefit your surgery

Call recording has come a long way over the years to help benefit medical practices and businesses.

Upgrading your surgery with VoIP

What first comes to mind when you think of a telephone system for your practice?

Efficient communication at your surgery

Many things come to mind when thinking about essentials a surgery will have on-site – Doctors, GP’S, staff, medical equipment, but what about telephones?

Guide to the ISDN switch off and how to avoid any challenge

Does your telecommunication run on ISDN?

Getting the right communications technology for a GP’s digital-first future

sing digital technology to ease the burden on general practice has been heavily underlined by the Royal College of General Practitioners and its members.