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How Call Routing can help to deliver exceptional patient experience in Modern General Practice

We believe that Call Routing is crucial to enhancing your patients’ experience, ensuring swift access to other services (where appropriate) by seamlessly redirecting to alternative pathways, such as the NHS App or Pharmacies, whilst optimising staff efficiency. In this blog, Danielle Henderson describes why.

Can telephony data really help practices to improve access for their patients?

Can telephony data really help you to improve patient access?

In the past, primary care organisations have struggled with limited and complex data reporting on telephone traffic due to outdated solutions. The introduction of Advanced Cloud-based Telephony has transformed that landscape. In this blog, we describe how things have changed, and how that can impact patient experience.

Surgery Connect and the road ahead in 2024!

Surgery Connect, and the road ahead in 2024

It’s an exciting time for us all at X-on Health as we look at how Surgery Connect has developed in 2023 and what is to come in 2024!


Digital telephony funding, sign now or miss out

Too many GP practices are still using old-school analogue telephony, it is time for an upgrade to digital. 

Streamline Your Flu Clinic Operations with Surgery Connect: Unlocking the Benefits of Cloud Telephony

Surgery Connect, the market-leading Cloud telephony solution for primary care offers multiple features that can support GP surgeries during this critical period.

How to minimise lost calls at your practice

When it comes to missing a telephone call, no-one likes it!

3 tips to improve your communications

Do you feel your medical practice lacks the efficiency that others do?

How will the Stop Sell affect your surgery?

The ISDN Stop Sell has begun, and soon surgeries and businesses across the UK will be affected by this.

EMIS integration for your surgery

This integration feature, allow surgeries to become more efficient within the organisation by saving time.