X-on Text to Speech uses high quality speech synthesis transcription software to convert text into a spoken messages, and our comprehensive Tier 1 network connections then delivers the messages as Voice Calls to any mobile or landline number in the world.

Voice SMS and Email to Voice

Text can be inputted via a web site, by email or SMS, and then delivered to the intended recipients as Voice Calls, via SMS and Email as well if desired.

For example, a company could alert its staff to an impending intranet outage by typing ‘Intranet maintenance is planned for 1 hour from 1pm today. The network will be unavailable during this time.’ into a form on a web site and staff could then receive any combination of phone calls, SMS messages and emails, depending on their circumstances, advising them of the outage.

Where staff are inaccessible via SMS, for example in an isolated comms room, a phone call delivering a spoken message may be the best option. High quality speech synthesis ensures the alert is perfectly intelligible.

Effective Message Delivery

X-on Text to Speech incorporates an intelligent retry strategy which retries the destination number if it’s engaged or unavailable, ensuring the message gets through. Additionally recipients can acknowledge receipt of the message allowing the service to be audited for success rate and effectiveness.

Online reports mean supervisors can evaluate all pertinent aspects of the text message delivery and make adjustments where appropriate.

Text to Speech Synthesis Applications

Voice calls have applications when SMS messaging may not be appropriate or not an efficient means of delivering the message:

  • Voice calls are a preferable method for contacting the elderly, blind and partially sighted.
  • Message length is virtually unlimited making voice calls less restricted than the 160 character limit.
  • Safer method for contacting recipients who are driving or using hands free systems.
  • Useful where numbers of company mobile phones might be limited.

Text to Speech Uses

  • Emergency Alerts
  • Staff Notifications
  • Stock Market Alerts
  • Speaking Web Pages
  • Prescription Reminders
  • Weather Warnings

For further information on Text to Speech please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.