This integration feature, allow surgeries to become more efficient within the organisation by saving time. The integration can be used with call recording to record, and retrieve calls for future use, with easy-to-use information viewing within the software.

When you integrate your clinical system, patient information is searched through the database to display a discrete on-screen record. When the details are found within the system, a preview window is presented to the call handler. With a simple click on the preview window the details can expand to present further useful information, such as the patients name, their regular doctor within the clinic, medical records, preventative medication due and more. This function could save valuable seconds of a call handler’s time per call. Seconds may not seen a lot, but for each and every caller over time, this could save your clinical staff and practice team significant time and aim that focus on what really matters.

The EMIS dashboard displays custom alerts and contact history of the caller and the practice. Integrated into the telecoms means this information can be easily available based on the caller details when it is most needed and improve patient experience.

Benefits of EMIS integration

Using next generation telephony solutions and linking your clinical system integration will improve the patient experience and the efficiency of your practice.

Displaying patient details will allow the call handlers the opportunity to gather all the relevant information, they need, to fully understand the patients’ needs and delivered a better service, so whoever the patient speak with they have all the relevant details to help as affectively as possible.

EMIS integration with Switch Medical

Our solutions are designed to solve the communication challenges of medical practices – by helping managers, reception, and clinical staff. The benefit of having a hosted telephony setup with advanced features such as EMIS integration is that it makes information sharing simple.

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