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Improve your patient experience with Surgery Connect, the market-leading Cloud telephony solution.

Transform Your Communications with Surgery Connect

Surgery Connect is an award-winning healthcare phone system used by over 2,400 GP surgeries across the UK to transform their patient experience and deliver efficiencies at scale.

With Surgery Connect, primary care organisations can transition smoothly from legacy phone systems to a secure, cost-effective, and flexible Cloud-based system. The future-proof solution improves patient communications and supports productive practice management across multiple sites, making it ideal for GP practices, hubs, federations, PCNs, ICBs and CSUs.

Surgery Connect Features

X-on Health has collaborated with practices to hone Surgery Connect into the only healthcare telecoms system that fully addresses efficient staff/patient communications.

Easily Integrate with Clinical Systems

Surgery Connect integrates with major clinical systems including EMIS Web, TPP SystmOne and INPS Vision with single sign-on via NHS Smartcard to the Surgery Connect console, clinical system & telephone handset associated to your PC.

Identify patients on an incoming call, embed call logs in the patient record, link recordings and click to dial or send SMS.

Surgery Connect Phonebar

The Surgery Connect Phonebar consolidates practice-to-patient communications into a single desktop application to maximise practice efficiencies.

Phonebar acts as a single app to handle calls, send SMS and photo requests, and file call recordings and documents back to the patient’s clinical record; creating a more seamless working environment for GPs and joined-up service for patients.

Simple Call Flow Management

X-flow is a simple, intuitive drag-and-drop call flow editor that allows practices to easily view and configure their call flows to improve patient care navigation.

Call flows dictate what your patients hear and where their call is routed when they ring your practice telephone numbers.

Reducing Patient Frustration with Effective Call Management

Surgery Connect supports highly efficient call management across multiple or single practices with features that are built around the needs of general practice.

Visual Displays of Demand and Performance

Surgery Connect provides intuitive management reporting tools to help manage call volumes and better understand demand.

Customised dashboards and reports provide access to up-to-the-minute and historic data. Supporting you with targeting improvements and informing your decision-making.

Patient Empowerment Through Appointment Management

Surgery Connect is helping to reduce DNAs by enabling patients to manage their own appointments, and supporting public health initiatives such as vaccination through bulk notifications for specific patient groups.

Modernising Patient-to-practice Connections for All


Improving patient access to care

Clinical Staff

Facilitating better patient care


Reducing the burden on reception


Data and Insight to manage demand


Delivering communications at scale


Deliver more coordinated care

Sugery Connect FAQs

Is cloud telephony safe/secure/reliable?

Does cloud telephony inevitably mean bad quality calls?

What happens if the internet goes down?

Does it connect to, or impact, our N3 connection at all?

Is there a limit to the number of calls we can take or make during busy periods?

Does the system distribute calls fairly?

Can I manage the telephones myself?

Does it automatically click onto night mode?

Do we own the handsets?

Is the wallboard configurable?

Can we record calls and how long are they available for?

Are the call recordings admissable in a court of law?

Can patients book and cancel appointments using your system?

Can I click on a patient number in EMIS/SystmOne and it will call them?

I don’t like menu options, do I have to have them?

Can we have voicemails on some extensions and not others?

What is the customer services procedure?

Why is your system better than others?

Is there a local reference site for me?

How many surgeries do X-on supply systems to?

Can you cover our cancellation charges with our existing supplier?

What happens if we want to leave?

Transform your Communications with Surgery Connect